Fear of exams

For the past 2 years my son ( now in 11th) has developed a terrible fear of exams. Due to this fear he refuses to write some of his exams. This causes a lot of stress at home for every member and overall arguments have gone up. He is an intelligent boy but he is not able to focus on his studies due to this fear as he has exams every alternate week. Pl assist. This is a grave situation.


  • @Krisheela
    Which Cosmic Serum is for fear and for studies?
  • For fear Bravo Serum and Calm down Serum and for studies Brain Serum, Study Serum and Total Wealth Serum.

    I have started giving him Calm Down serum, Study serum and Total Wealth serum.

    He becomes very aggressive most of the time so I am not sure I should use Bravo Serum.
  • Maybe can also use Mood Up serum
  • @Krisheela
    What is the reason for aggression .
    Can Brain serum be given with Total wealth Serum ?
    Maybe you need to check energy or thought process of other family members too. Is there a stress on him for career and study performance?

    You can send healing to the student but if there is career pressure from others this would be going in a circle.
  • Golden Sunrise
    He has always been an angry, hyper and Aggressive. It s just getting more so maybe due to adolescence. Could I also give All Clear Serum for him and One Soul Serum for the entire family. I just got my VK a few days ago and so I have just started to learn about the serums and am not yet confident of the combinations that can be used. So I guess I will have to give the various serums at a gap of 30 minutes. I am also reading on the Bach Flower Remedies like Holly, Impatiens, Rescue Remedy, Sweet Chestnut, etc
  • @Krisheela

    Reading your posts i feel he is affected by stress during 10th exam. Now again in 11th too many exams and performance pressure
    Can you check articles on BACH FLOWER RESCUE REMEDY and ALPHA MALE SERUM . Do you feel it correlates with him
  • @Krisheela
    Also read point no 15 in Bravo Serum article. CDS should not be clubbed with Bravo Serum
  • Golden Sunrise

    Thank you for your prompt responses. I will go through the posts in further detail. He has performance pressure and performance anxiety as he wants to get into premier engineering institute and that is a huge factor. But the exam fear started in 9th standard when he had to appear for a paper he didn’t like. He still went on to score 94% in his 10th boards.
    There was a huge pressure from some family members but now he insists that he will not take admission anywhere else even when everyone at home have told him to take it easy. He even refuses to appear for other entrance exams without which he won’t be able to get admission in other institutions.
  • @Krisheela

    Whenever you feel that you are not able to decide a particular energy due varying mood swings , you can just request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE please
    for my son.

    You can even charge water with words written in capital letters.
    Its very simple with VK just keep intention of his joyful successful life now forever.

    You can also tell VK in your own words
    VK GOLDEN SUNRISE please make way for my son to understand that talent skills and knowledge is more important for successful career. VK please help him to release his stress of getting admissions in XYZ institute. VK please help him to decide what is best and deserving from him with ease
  • Golden Sunrise
  • Sorry typo error

    DIVINE GRATITUDE ????????????
  • The emoji is not getting captured here of gratitude ????
  • I am also getting a VK for him specifically so that just wearing it helps him immensely.

    Bach Flower Remedies I think can be useful

    Rescue Remedy for stress release
    Chestnut Bud for not repeating same mistakes
    Elm for being overwhelmed by responsibilities
    Holly for aggressiveness
    Latch for lack of confidence
    Mimulus for fear
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