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Bad dream, what is VK doing


I had a bad dream in which a person came to me saying that he is scared to go to his home as some negative spirit is trying to attack him. I said I'll help him. I went to his home along with him giving SHIELD OF SEVEN RAYS to all the people in that apartment including us. I fearlessly entered his home and a party was going on there. I sensed something negative there and tried to heal using VK . But when i saw my hand in which i wear VK, i saw many bangles similar to VK. I got confused which was VK. Generally i wear only VK and a gold bangle. But there are 4 bangles. Somehow I found my VK from those duplicate steel bangles but it was broken. I was scared to death because now I can't heal that situation and that negative spirit may attack me. Suddenly
I woke up from the dream. But i felt very bad as my VK was broken in my dream.
Is this just a dream? Or is there anything I must know from it ? I'm scared n confused.
Can anyone pls help me with this? What did you sense from this?


    I'm trying to delete this post. But don't know how to do it. Pls, delete this post from litairian forum as I feel this post is NOT useful.
  • @Gayathri
    This is answer for your question by Sharat Sir
    Whatever problems are coming to you in your life, VK has taken those problems on itself.

    Sorry for posting the reply late.
  • Wow... That's great to know mam
    Heartfelt gratitude to Sharat sir, Rakhi mam and my dearest VKs
    My both VKs love me more than I love my VKs
  • She saw her VK broken so VK has taken her problems on itself
    This it has told her through her dream
    In her physical world, her VK is safe and will it continue to work as usual as its not broken physically
    Or is it impending that her VK may get into some problem ????
  • @Drswathiyv

    How will VK get into problem? You must read about VK in articles , what is VK, how it was invented, how it works in articles on litairain website. Then such questions will not come to you.

  • Okay rakhijiiii
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