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Love Serum for Cramps & EFT Acupressure to the uterus

edited August 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Golden Sunrise,
I know in the Love Serum article it says not to use love serum on yourself but I had excruciating cramps this morning for hours even after sending different rounds of GS, FS, PCS, ACS, Warm Compress, EFT and Acupressure to the uterus.

I pleaded to VK humbly what to do and had the thought to send GS, Love Serum, and Mood Up Serum to my uterus. The pain stopped almost immediately and has not returned. I feel like maybe that was the best serum combo in that moment because

I have had so many issues with my uterus that we just weren’t on good terms.

Either way, I was comforted by VK in a way I didn’t think of before. I’m grateful for this gift. ????


  • Great going. I am happy to see you trying new things.

  • @Artsy
    Thanks for sharing.. when i read your post i got this feeling that your OWN relationship with your uterus is changed with Love Serum. Thate how it worked.
    Sometimes when some body parts ache or give health issues unknowingly some emotions for that organ changes. With some sad or negative emotions these organs may create more pain or discomfort.
    So probably Love Serum changed this.
    Very nice way to use LOVE SERUM.
    Loved your creative way.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your experiments with VK.
  • Wonderful sharing thankyou
    Gratitude to SharatSir for VK
  • That's wonderful sharing of experiment.
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