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Focus and concentration in playing tennis

edited October 2019 in Children Discussion
Golden Sunrise.
My daughter play's tennis please which serum should i use for her confidence, focus, playing good without stress and she will be able to win her competition. Its starts from 3rd oct.


  • @123456

    Hetal can you check articles on Cosmic Serums and come up with combination that will help your daughter.
    This is a way of learning. If you practise to come up with combinations reading articles it will help you to be Independent healer.
    You can use SEARCH option on website with key words CONFIDENCE FOCUS STRESS WIN PLAY COMPETITION etc and see what pops up. Check the articles and know more.

    You can pl post your suggestions here and then if required we will add more suggestions.
  • Golden Sunrise
    Thank you Rakhiji from last 3 days her matches going on i tries to send Golden sunrise and Beauty serum to her game which was suggested by sharat sir just requesting VK its gives her result she won her qualifying round and some of her main draw too competition is is still going on will update you with the result. Thank you.
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