I saw Sharat Sir in my Dream

Golden Sunrise to Sharat Sir,
Since last 1 week i am not well because of cold and cough, yesterday i.e. 4.9.19 while sleeping in the afternoon in my dream I saw VK rotating in the air like SUDARSHAN CHAKRA and reminding me that I am there. Next day around 5 a.m I saw in my dreams Sharat Sir. I visited someone's house and I saw Sharat coming there and sat in one chair I immediately recognized him and touched his feet and told me that I have lot of problems in ny life, to which Sharat Sir said, "Don't worry...MAIN HOON NA !"..that's it and my dream was disturbed and I got up. Is there any message for me ? Pls guide. Thanks in advance.


  • @sathyam26_vk


    Nice to read your post. What immediately came to my mind . Sudarshan Chakra is used by Shree Vishnuji to remove evil and obstacles. Thats VK for you in your life.

    Sir coming in your dream and saying he is there for you is another blessing.

    Yes Sir is for all of us we just have to connect to him mentally and to VK.

    What you feel ?
  • @sathyam26_vk Brother you are blessed!!

  • Thank you Mam and Thank you Sir. Yes I do believe that Sir came in my dream that itself shows that I blessed me. Gratitude to Sir. I am nobody in front but still he blessed me. I

  • I pray to him to bless me and all our VK team members, so that all can lead a happy, healthy, peaceful and financial free life.GOLDEN SUNRISE to all.

  • Last night .. Sharath sir had cm in my dream too... He was training us a spiritual workshop .. in my dream ... Golden Sunrise to sir
  • Wow amazing experience stay blessed.
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