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Can we take "Buddha consciousness" with VK through food and water?

Can I charge food and water with "Buddha consciousness" using VK so that when we take these food and water, our consciousness is raised to their consciousness ?


  • Go Ahead @Gayathri, and share your experience for others as inspiration and encouragement.

    Just for remembrance, please be noted that you may charge spiritual consciousness of any discipline, hymn, mantra and effects of elevated state through your VK, just by affirming. You need not ask anyone for this. Rather share your achievement with us after practicing. We would love to hear that.

    Stay Blessed.

  • Thank you sir @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher
    I'll share my experience soon
  • My Dear VK pls connect myself with the consciousness of Budha OR pls connect my consciousness with consciousness of Budha OR Pls give consciousness of Budha. Which one is correct or all will give same results. Pls guide.


  • Results does not pertain to one's activity, it manifests because of ones intentions. Your mind is the navigator to VK, not your technical/carved words. Just saying "O VK, connect me to Buddha consciousness" is enough to fetch you results. Phrasing is your choice, Intentions are necessary.

    Now my turn to quest : Please explain, what do you & Gayathri ji know about Buddha Consciousness?

    I await reply from both of you.

  • As per my understanding Budha consciousness is a state of complete silence in meditation, being with self, in every situation of life.


  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher
    I don't know 100% about Buddha Consciousness. But what I know is it is the consciousness of an enlightened being who had self realization and God realization. Who knows the eternal truth that I and God are one and the same. Who has unconditional love towards god's creation as he sees no separation.Who is always in love with God and his creation. Who sees God in everything : living and non living things. Nothing can harm such person. A person with such a consciousness can live happily anywhere, in any kind of external environment best or worst.
  • Sir
    I asked about the above three affirmation because I saw in this forum that suggestions are given to change some words or commands. Although their intentions and activity were to get best results of their affirmation.


  • When I request" My Dear VK pls connect myself with the consciousness of Budha " before sitting for meditation, I feel that the happiness and a smile stays longer. That's why I asked for guidance from above which one is more accurate before using them one by one.


  • @Gayathri ji & @Mukesh ji, Thanks for your reply. It was so nice to learn, as to what state of happiness you wish to attain. But my intention to ask a counter question was different. Let me try to explain a different perspective to see the above situation.

    Please note, the fundamental idea of Buddhism is based on that "Everything Change" or nothing is stationery. This differentiate Buddhism from other ideology which views that the Atman is Ajara & Amar (Immortal). So if we are perceiving Buddhism in Oneness & Ever-present (Sanatan) God, it is not so correct.

    My question was to acquaint you of our mind flickering. Our active mind is considered as Chanchal - ie flickering and running everywhere. This poses a distraction which lands us nowhere. Now if I bring a person from a remote village and serve a plate of Manchurian with Hakka Noodles, he might say it is delicious but will not know - what is he eating. I mean, if a person want to go to London, he should not board a South bound flight to Australia. Likewise, if we want to experience Buddha consciousness, I personally feel that we must know a little about what that path is. Simply opting to do something, because we have heard of it Fashion. Spirituality cannot be Fashion; I urge to all, please try and make it a Passion. Luckily, in spirituality, whatever path you take, it will lead you to the same state. Hence, it is always blissful for the practitioner.

    However, I would once again repeat my opinion that tasting variance and convergence of energies, is a sport of people who has already achieved their levels. But starters and novice should concentrate on their path. VK is conference of all positive energies and blesses with ease. Practicing in accord with the Manual or according to Sharat Sir's simplified advises is enough to achieve all that we desire to get from teachings of Great ascended Masters. Please focus on your wish and ask from VK. I am sure, all of us will upgrade our levels.

  • Gratitudes sir.
    Every opportunity to read Your writings is a divine blessing sir.
    I get in love to your wisdom and choice of words
    Simply Amazing...knowledge at its peak.
    Thankyou sir
  • Thank you Puneet ji for your overwhelming words. You know what....your love is my fuel to do more. Thanks again.

  • @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher and @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Blessed to be with such knowledgeable Teachers!!!

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