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Celebrating One Month Birthday with VS

My humble gratitude and love to Sharat Sir for creating VS with 48 powerful energies protecting our homes.
It was my utmost desire to personally receive VS FROM Sharat Sir.Somehow with my chela VK s help I managed to gather the energy exchange.I told my desire to Rakhiji one day and that I may be coming to India in December and get VS from Sir.I live in Malaysia.I did not know that Rakhiji had conveyed my desire to Sir.When I told Rakhiji I was ready to receive VS she told me W hy wait till December.Sir will do a video call and hand VS personally to me.My heart leapt with joy.I was dumbfounded.
So on 14 July Sir communicated me via video call with Rakhiji.It was an awesome communication and meeting.We chated for an hour.And I received VS personally from Sharat Sir.I could feel so high energy even on video call.Wonderful

Finally VS arrived at my home on 23July.I thanked VS profusely.Tears welled up.I held on to VS for a couple of minutes and on my chest.I was feeling immensely blissful.
As for experiences I have improved my tolerance level towards people around me. Before VS I used to nag, simply get angry and even panic over simple things. Now I am worry free knowing VS will take care of everything.Definitely my husband who used to be always angry and talk negatively has a 360 degrees change.He talks very gently nowadays.I have better relationship with my daughter now who used to keep to herself earlier.Now she shares a lot of things with me.
Life is more joyful now.I am happy with myself and solace around me.
I also did meditation with my VS on the first day itself and was so enlightening.I LOVE my VS.

Finance has improved and I can go for short holidays.

I am looking forward for abundance of magnificent miracles, blissful blessings and splendid surprises.FAITH and PRAYER are invisible but they make IMPOSSIBLE things POSSIBLE.
Thank you Sharat Sir Thank you Rakhiji Thank you VS

Selvarani Malaysia


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