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Super fast healing with Divine VK and VOB for health

edited August 2019 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Golden Sunrise Everyone!!!
I want to share my another VK experience.Two days before when I got up feeling sore throat and fever. My eyes,ears,head and throat was paining due to viral infection. A thought came into my mind about VOB.After having tea I started doing VOB of my head, ears and throat with continuously chanting GS for about 10min. ENT Serum for about 5min.,BLS for about 5min. ACS for about 5min. and PHS for about 5min. This VOB gave me 70% relief from pain and fever.After that I did direct request to Divine VK, for GS, ENT Serum, All clear Serum, D Fev Serum and Zapper healing 9voltz 10 kilo hertz with safety and security. And Wow!!! I got 90% relief.Next day again I did VOB once and this time my Divine VK healed me completly.Reallly I don't have words to express my heartfelt Gratitude to Divine Sharat Sir and Divine friendVK. Earlier, it used to take 10 to 15 days even after taking medicines to cure sore throat and viral infection. Feeling blessed to have VK and Sharat Sir in my life.Golden Sunrise blessings to Divine Sharat Sir and All VK Teachers for selfless efforts to Humanity.
Gratitude! Gratitude! Gratitude!


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