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Wanted to know if Acupressure with VK really works, so i tested it twice, read my VK experience

Golden Sunrise to All
Namskars to Sharat Sir ,Rakhiji and VK team.On Wednesday 10/7/2019 I read the new learning article posted by Sharat Sir on how to perform acupressure -acupuncture-reflexology-sujok easily by vk.i also watched Rakhiji's video.On that day I was having bad cough and flu.I couldn't sleep the earlier night.So I thought why not I try this new method.Actually I wanted to test and see if it really works.So I requested vk to perform acupressure to relief me of cold and cough.Left it for 30 minutes.Then just before I went to sleep again I requested vk to do acupressure to give me deep peaceful sleep.
What a peaceful sleep I had!! Islept at 11 and woke up at 5 feeling so fresh and the cold and cough disappeared.It was a miraculous medicine.VK has infinite possibilities. Thank you VK. Divine gratitude to Sharat Sir for this wonderful tool.Its God's greatest gift to mankind.

With kind regards and love

Selvarani Malaysia


  • @February09 ji

    I loved your way to test if it really works. =)
    Thank you for sharing wholeheartedly.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your experiments with VK.

    To share my one more experience, just before recording this video i got headache. So i was thinking how to manage this. And i casually said to VK give relief from this stress with acupressure and help me to record.

    And i started doing some other work. Within 10 mins i felt fresh and no pain !! So its a VK acupressure video in all sense !! B)

    Gratitude to Sir and VK mimicking
  • WOW ! Thank you February09 and Rakhi madam

    for sharing amazing experiences of accupressure healing with VK

    Gratitudes to Sharath Sir for Divine VK.
    Thank you VK forum
  • Nice experience.
    Golden Sunrise to your life and experiences
  • Hello Sir,
    I m VK user
    I have too many problems in my life everyday I m facing problem at my work and finicial problem with my husband company. All the payments got stucked pls help me sir to get out of this situation.
  • @Vaishu16


    You must explore this

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