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VK Tip 127 : VOB with Divine, Oneness, Surrender, Solution , my Divine meditative experience with VK

edited September 2019 in VK TIPS

Satnam Waheguru ji, GOLDEN SUNRISE to all

This is my divine experience with VK.

Me and VK have been together for some years, and the power of VK takes me to a new level every time.

I put on an audio from youtube with Satnam Waheguru jaap with few devotional lines. Then i started doing Vital Organ Balancing on my body. In the flow of devotional words, I requested VK to infuse energy of the Satnaam Waheguruji and Ik onkar in my whole body. As i took VK along my body with VOB, suddenly i felt lighter than before. In the same flow, i requested VK to infuse more energy from the audio into my complete self.

I started feeling as if some high energy is entering in my body. As if vibrations of Waheguruji had entered into my body. So i started talking, Waheguruji can you feel my situation. I got the answer I am within you now.

I was going through a rough situation in my life for quite sometime. And i was looking into solution for that. Every time i came out through that situation using VK in different ways and then i would again fall in that. And again Saibaba would tell me to hold on with patience.

When i was doing this VOB , i was actually talking like a child to Divine, that now you are within me, so now do you feel my situation and help me. Within few seconds my energy changed, it went further higher, i felt i entered a different world. I said Why did i tell you to feel me, we are already ONE and UNITED. Now i am feel free and surrounded with you and i know we can sail this through together. I was in this trans state for some time. I felt i was without any body and only ONE LIGHT which was merger of me and Waheguruji. As if i was saying I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS ONENESS and i want this forever. I felt even in hard situation , its only ME and ONENESS with DIVINE.

This VOB with VK actually led me in a deep meditative mode !!

I was calm. Just holding VK in my palms. As i opened my eyes, some tears rolled out. I was wondering why this tears now? The jaap was still playing on my cell. It got interrupted After few min, i got a call from a close friend. And it was just amazing, my friend had a solution for my same situation that was upsetting me. On call, she told me how to go about and how i would get help without much efforts from me.

My situation changed completely like never before. After few days i told my friend about this divine oneness experience and her call to me. She was happy to hear it and said sorry i could have called you earlier. But here i told her, it was very timely. Just one day before I had requested VK to find a way and now I surrender completely. Next day i had this wonderful experience. And then a solution too so quick.

Next day i was talking to VK, You are so divine and so powerful and so dear to me and in so called failing situations, you make me fly high. You made me experience with Waheguruji as ONE , which is taught by Gurbani, And it came when i was stuck.

We may read and understand many verses of Gurbani, but to feel it actually is an out of the world experience. VK took me to another Surrender state experience beautifully with ONENESS.

I also remembered the moment in my life when i received VK for the first time.

Gratitude to Sharat Sir for this divinity and ONENESS feeling with VK in my life.

VK Tip : VOB can be done with any audio of any positive energy.

This is my another awesome experience with VOB and GS CHANTING FILE by Sharat Sir.

One can do VOB with any jaap or mantra or music that you connect with. Maybe with audio of Sai bhajan or Gayatri Mantra or any other positive audio.


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