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My new job after a break with VK and Sai's blessings, Professional success story

edited July 2019 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
I lost my job in the mid of March as it was a contractual one. I started struggling in my finance. My confidence was shattered. I kept giving Total Wealth Serum and Sai Magic Begin now as I am a firm believer of Sai ji s miracles. I was really worried for the gap that was coming in my career. I kept discussing with Rakhi Ma'am and Sharat Sir. Finally in summer vacations I got a project of teaching by British Council , Macmillan Education and DOE with a good stipend amount. The limitation was only that it was a project for one month only.
Meanwhile I kept giving Total Wealth Serum and Sai Magic Begin Now.
I kept on watching desire job manifestation video.
Finally I got a job in an International School today. I want to give my gratitude to VK , Sharat Sir and Golden Rakhi Ma'am.
Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.


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