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Empowerment at work place after transfer, my VK success story

edited July 2019 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Hello Vk users Iwant to share one experience with u all ~
One of my relative hardly believed in energy system because of word of mouth and healing stories. Last year he got transferred in Mumbai as Delhi branch was shut down. He was working as Marketing head and VP in Delhi branch but when he was transferred to Mumbai branch he was not given a proper portfolio. He was losing enthusiasm in his work. It was tough for him because it was the first time he lived separately somewhere far of. So I started his healing and for 2 months I gave him Golden Sunrise and shield of 7 rays to his job and total wealth serum, alpha male serum and balance serum. I added balance serum because little bit his stars were going up and down. So after 2 months healing he has again become the Marketing head of a separate branch of Mumbai office though it is a sick unit but he is happy to have it because he has gained an opportunity to prove himself and got a proper work.
Now he wants to grow in that project and wants to build up the sick unit into a successful one.
Let's cee the future success story.????


  • @Naina


    Very nice experience shared, helping to empower a person at Corporate. I loved your way of understanding the opportunity in distress. In a well established place one may or may not get empowerment. VK has lead him to his deserving opportunity to make a change !!

    Thanks for sharing
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