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Positive vibes of VK, managing bottle gourd and acupuncture for back ache, My VK experience

edited July 2019 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Golden sunrise Sharat Sir,

I am using VK from last about one year and have experienced positive miraculous effects of VK several times.

I daily use PHS, ACS, Digee Serum. It has improved my immune system, digestive system, effects of negative emotions and thoughts are considerably reduced.

Once i had bitter bottle gourd sabji and got tensed up as I had heard many stories of vomiting after having bitter bottle gourd. But I have taken water charged with digee serum throughout night after intervals and there was no effect of bitter bottle gourd.

Similarly after watching recent video of @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher , on using VK for applying effect of accupressue, I have tried it for my back pain as well as neck pain. It has miraculous result after one round itself.

I am truly lucky to have VK with me now and will share my experiences in future too.

Gratitude to Sharat Sir and entire VK support team

Warm Regards,


    Thank you for sharing and inspiring all vk users with your successful VK experiences..
    Thank you Rakhi madam for a wonderful vedio on acupressure.
    Thank you Sharath Sir for VK and VK forum.
  • @hitendrak

    WOW. Thank you for sharing in detail.

    I am more overwhelmed today, this is the 3rd message that i am reading since morning on Acupressure video, where VK users got instant relief just in one request to VK for acupressure.

    I am glad to read your experience with food too. GOLDEN SUNRISE to your experiments and sharing with all.

    Each experience and sharing motivates many.

    My gratitude to Sharat Sir for enrolling me as a part of his mission through this video making and many more opportunities that he has blessed me to connect with people through VK and VS.

    @Madhursr Thank you for your thank you and for kind words. GOLDEN SUNRISE.

  • Wow, keep experimenting and keep sharing.

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