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New job after retirement with VK, my learning with VK

edited July 2019 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Golden Sunrise
Sharing my experience of this gentleman of 67+ years still wanted to work ,but not getting job her daughter contacted me on his behalf.As this makes him sad , depressed and restless too.While discussing lot of behavioural issues were came into light .So started his healing with Total Wealth Serum + All clear serum as he had lot of thought pattern and self made obstacles + Along with this started Holy bach flower remedy as he didn't gel with people well and even lot of anger towards others he had.With in 1-2 mnth giving just charged water every day he got job though not to his expectation but quiet sufficiant. After this experience I too learnt more clearly how laws of universe work if we work on our thought process at each n every level properly we can manifest things in beautiful shape.
Thanks VK ,thanks Sir for touching and changing so many life with ease.


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