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Back pain cured without medicines, my VK miracle

Golden Sunrise

Past two days I have been having a bad back pain. I had difficulty walking and even going about my daily chores. Madam Selvarani and her friend sent me healing as well. Then i was reading articles posted by Vk users on back pain. I came across an article in which a Vk user based on @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher madam write up on the serums she suggested for back pain and was cured. I tried that serums 'digee serum, heart serum, balance serum, all clear serum and golden sunrise' and also 'perfect health serum, balance serum, vitamin D3 and calcium'. I sent healing to myself back to back {i lost count of the number of times}. By evening I was surprised. I was back to normal. I just had some slight pain. For the first time I healed my back without any oral medication. I only used VK and it just showered me with its miracle.


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