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UNEXPECTED MONEY With the Help of VK and Serum

Golden sunrise
I am sharing one of my VK experience .
Last month in October i did an experiment with VK .
I was short of money so i was requesting VK for my finance and money also started to charge my bank accounts with TOTAL WEALTH SERUM and GOLDEN SUNRISE also added MOOD UP SERUM to increase my finance and Bank Balance
Within just 3 days of this experiment i got a check from one clients for Rs 3.90 lakhs as an advance of property deal.
I Am in real estate buisness, this amount is unexpected and so is the deal.
However i had not mention any amount or source of money in my request.
VK is magical every time it amazed me with some miracle ...
Thankyou sharat sir for creating my life exciting with VK and your Blessings.


  • Thats great experiment, and i would like to know how many times in a day were you sending the serum blessing to your accounts (Averagely) ?

  • GOLDEN SUNRISE @Shrinath ji.
    Sir i did this as an experiment and get
    benefits within 3 days. I did randomly 4 times one day and 6 or 8 times other days as per my convinence . Though i did continue for more than a week for giving energies for my finances. We can request VK 4 times daily or more as per our need.

    Later we added this with guidance of @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor ji and @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher ji as a complete experiment for all VK users in whatsapp learning groups (before the launch of this litairian forum website).
    We experiment for
    1. Kids exam results
    Study serum + mood up serum
    2. To increase height
    Perfect health serum + mood up serum
    3. For plants growth
    Perfect health serum + mood up serum
    4. For finances and bank accounts.
    Total wealth serum + mood up serum.
  • can i recharge the water for plants and water them, as mood up serum is something i would like to try ? Also, i was think to try PHS+MUS+GS for a dog near my house through the biscuits i feed him regularly.

  • First of all I would like to thank Sharat Sir for divine VK and for divine guidance, it's like preparing delicious food and also feeding us. In whatsapp group, Puneetji had shared us knowledge to experiment with GOLDEN SUNRISE TOTAL WEALTH SERUM AND MOOD UP SERUM for all bank accounts. I did it for couple of weeks sometime once a day and sometime twice or trice a day, I have one salary account and one saving account in which I have maintained only minimum balance but now I am having good amount in both of the accounts after all monthly expenses. I even experimented on my pay slip and got reasonable hike and bonus for which I am really happy.
  • @girichander

    Thanks for sharing your experience with MOOD UP SERUM and TOTAL WEALTH SERUM.

    I appreciate your way of energising your salary payslip too, great idea.

    Thanks to Sharat Sir for guidance to use combination of serums to enhance the effects !!

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