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VK Tip 139: Instant decrease in stress hormones-Feeling self-power, poses for confidence in kids

edited March 2020 in VK TIPS

Golden Sunrise,

2 weeks back I was going through the progress report which I got during my management training in office. In the report the trainer has identified some of the improvement points and recommended some books.

I asked VK, is there any other possibilities for quick improvements. I got instant hint to look for the same in YouTube. After searching I found 2 mins short video by Tony Robbins. He recommended to look for another TedTalk by Amy Cuddy which was second highest watched TedTalk.

Here is the link:

She recommends 2 mins Power Pose practice per day. And imagining this poses during challenging situations will change your internal energy level and your feelings. And enhances your Personal Power.

Benefits I got with this poses:
1. Self-Confidence
2. Personal bold self during meeting
3. Non-judgmental in many cases
4. Clear communication
5. Easy open discussion with supervisor & senior management.
6. Reduction in mind chatter

Even seeing the same benefits with my 9 year daughter. She used to shy away sometimes to ask stranger. And I started asking her to imagine power pose in such cases and she immediately breaks the pattern.

I recommend doing or imagining this pose before making request to VK. This will make you come out of self-judgement during requesting to VK.

Share the power posing methods with your kids along with Bravo Serum to boost their confidence, communication and many courageous qualities.

Also, please share this video with your dear ones as well who can gain their personal power in many areas of life.

Best regards,


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