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Sex Sublimation

How does one use VK to halp in Sex Sublimation (transmutation) and hence over time convert Sexual energy to ojas?
I just want the answer if there's a way VK can aid in this.


  • The sexual energy can be transmuted into Ojas Shakti (spiritual energy) with the help of various meditations, yoga practice and understating of spiritual books. For this, you need to practice hard and long. Those who able to do this called Shiva (Lord Shiva is one of the main Lords of Hindu trinity).

    It is the path of emotionless, sexless, desire less and body less life. In this path, you need to eradicate all sexual thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions. It is the path of hardship life too.

    Instead of follow this tough path; I suggest you to follow Grasth Sadhna (grasth jeevan) with the help of Bhakti Marga (path of devotion). This path is very colorful and joyous.

    End result of both paths are exactly same, merging in Divine.

    Note: Only less than 1% sadhak get success in the first path (transmute sexual energy) but success rate is very high in Grasth Sadhna.

    Now it is up to you which part you want to choose.

  • @SharatSir

    Thank you Sir for wonderful guidance and always spreading the light and your knowledge to all.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts
  • Woww !! what a quarry dear @ShivGanjoo ,

    Thank you so much for replying Sharat Sir.

    Sex Sublimation has become an old prose now-a-days, because with the passage of time, people has pursued or mis-pursued followers in this path without evaluating their worthiness, or inclination towards this happening. In my opinion, doctrine of Brahmacharya (Celibacy) was actually based on this process. But Brahmacharya with desires doesn't work.

    As Sharat Sir said, this path is very difficult and very less sadhaks (practitioners) could get success. Swami Vivekananda was said to be one of them, who renounced this urge & sublimate his semen upward, within the body, through Yog-kriya. This technique is also mentioned as the "Fountain of Youth" among Lamas residing high in Tibetian mountains who claim to reverse the age. But rigorous practice and control on the mind, body & emotion is a very hard way.

    As such, the path of grihastha sadhna coupled with Bhakti-yoga is a rather easier way, if the practitioner is not indulged too much in Maya. As Sir indicates, it is a colorful & joyous path, where you satisfy your Indris (Senses), so that it does not become a hindrance in your path of ascent. Lord Shri Krsna also described Grihastha marg as kind of Yoga, where in-spite of being surrounded in Maya, one may advance towards renunciation of lust and thus sublimating his/her energy. Non-indulgence in Maya, after a certain period of time in Grihastha marg, with help of Bhakti is the key to ascent in this area.

    As you have asked, VK may help in both ways. But that does not decrease one's efforts. VK may empower you in any walk of practice, but you have to design the way. VK is pure energy, but you are the navigator. This is my opinion.

  • @SharatSir @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher thanks to both showering knowledge.golden sunrise
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