pain in physiotherapy

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Sir as I told u my son met an accident ..
Now his physiotherpy is going on.But he is not so cooperative with phsyio exercises because he feels lot of pain.
Sir I am a VK user
Pls guide how I can use VK energy so that he should do all phsyio exercises without feeling pain.


  • @Seemasingla


    Please use search option on litairian website with key words pain , exercise and see which Cosmic serum pops up in hits. Your answer is in the hits. Check full articles.

    As a VK user you can explore on the website first and come up with your answers here if you still have a doubt reading the articles.
  • @Seemasingla

    Sir wants every VK user to be independent with learnings from litairian website. He has taken lot of efforts for each of the 30 Cosmic Serum articles. Do read them you will get many ideas.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your learning efforts

    Hint for you : you were also guided on similar question for your son on facebook group GOLDEN SUNRISE
  • Hi . I just wanted to share that my son has started assisted walk. I simply used VOB .. ( vital organ balance) serum . The doctor is happy with his progress.
  • @Seemasingla ji,
    That's great.
    Please get clarified that VOB is not a Serum.
    Tell us how you use VOB.

    Thank you again for your efforts of learning to use VK.
  • Nice experience @Seemasingla .god bless
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