My VK experience while doing VOB for self along with new GOLDEN SUNRISE video by Sharat Sir

Golden Sunrise Friends,

Sharing one VK experience with New Golden Sunrise video by Sharat Sir.

The video will be launched in next few days by Sir.

When Sharat Sir shared the final version of this Golden Sunrise video with us as an experiment, i was playing this video in the background.

I was actually doing Vital Organ Balancing for myself at that time with my VK. The music and chants of Golden Sunrise was hitting my ears. It was so soothing. While doing VO for my heart area with VK, instead of chanting anything, i felt this audio was helping me in that energy of chanting. I was enjoying it thoroughly as if the background music is sinking in me along with energy from VK. I enjoyed doing VO like never before.

It was so easy to do the VO, that i didn't realise i was doing VO for more than 15 min energising my body organs one by one. And i felt i want to continue this VOB even for longer time.

Its was like out of the world experience while using VK with Sir's new video. I am not able to express more in words, maybe one has to feel it.

Gratitude to you Sharat Sir for this new video on GOLDEN SUNRISE and its synergy with VK.

i am sure we all will have many such wonderful experiences with VK and new video by Sir. And we will learn more from each other with sharing.


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