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VK dissolve Gallstone

Golden Sunrise.
I would like to share my golden experience with VK.
Vk have done such big miracle.My brother in law suffering with gallstone in gallbladder.
Doctors must do surgery to remove the stone.Once i knew about it,i told him about vk but
he not much believes in it.He still go for the surgery.I just do direct request to VK.
for my bro in law now to dissolve his gallstone with safety and secure without any surgery as doctor requested.
I just request this direct request twice per day.After two weeks,my brother in law admitted in hospital for
surgery.All the doctors,shocked after the scan report shows no stone in gallbladder.He happily returned home
without any surgery.Now ,my whole family know how great of VK.
Thanks a lot for Sarath Sir and VK.


  • @April08

    Wow. GOLDEN SUNRISE. Removing gall stones that too around 4.8mm in medical field has only one option...removal of gall bladder.

    And you did through VK so easily and with such loving intention. You involved the whole family in your intention.

    Very nice and mind blowing experience.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your faith and efforts. Thanks for sharing it in details. Keep sharing and motivate all of us again and again and again.
  • Awesome experience. I m sure ur family now has great belief in VK. Thanks to sharat Sir for this wonderful invention
  • @April08 Golden sunrise.superb experience.thanx

  • Thanks for sharing wonderful true story, more motivated are VK family members now. Golden sunrise to you and heartily gratitude to Sharat Sir.
  • @April08 amazing vk experience.thanks dear.
  • Golden Sunrise @April08 ji,
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience.
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