Parent negative emotions chart

My granddaughter has a lot of emotional issues that I have been working on with the parent negative emotion chart. But in looking at it I realize the negative emotions on the left are supposed to be the parent and the offspring are the ones on the right with all the list. Am I correct in my assumption on this? I’m not exactly sure how to do it if I don’t know the negative emotion that my daughter may have given to her daughter. Can you help me with this information thank you golden sunrise


  • @Pollyanna

    Yes the left side on chart are parent negative emotions.

    When you dont know how many and which are the negative emotions to be release simply say RELEASE ALL NEGATIVE EMOTIONS to VK
  • Thank you. If I don’t the emotions of the daughter and I threw those are released those switches roof with that go back and he’ll the mother and the generations before for her after her
  • @Pollyanna

    You can add BACH FLOWER RESCUE REMEDY with VK also if they are from past hurting events
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