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Maun sadhana, a spiritual quest with Cosmic showers from Sharat Sir

Maun Saadhna Vs. Gyan Saadhna An Experience with Sharat Sir
By Sanjay Roy - May 6, 2017

This was the article written by sanjoy roy sir. In this article sir mentions about MAUN SADHANA which was done under the guidance of Sharath Sir.The people who attended this meditation were very much blessed.
Sir once said that he is not getting much time to conduct meetings or training classes now...
I want answers for my below mentioned questions please.....
What is called maun sadhana ?
how to do mauna sadhana?
What are the benifits of maun sadhana?
Thank you!


  • @Madhursr

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Nice question.
    Your question will be answered by @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Sir.

    Please wait.

  • Thank you madam
  • Dear @Madhursr,

    Golden SunRise !!

    My Apologies to have kept you waiting for so long. Sometimes unavoidable situations, drive you away from the mainstream. But we should learn to swim against the waves.

    Let's come quickly to your questions.

    1. What is Maun Sadhna?

    As the name suggests, Maun Sadhna is practice of Taciturnity or Silence. But Silence here is not speechlessness. It is the Silence of the Mind. This is a unique meditation done under guidance of Sharat Sir, in which we usher our mind towards Silence of thoughts. Gradually when the mind becomes free from thoughts, it enters the realms of infinity, enlightened with the brightness of energy and thus focuses to the ultimate without any hindrance.

    1. How to do Maun Sadhna?

    As you must have read in my article, Maun Sadhna is done with or without VK, acquiring your most comfortable posture and intention to go deep. Ideally, the group is bathed with tranquil shower of cosmic energy by Sharat Sir himself. But you may do the same with VK in your hand. Ask for the "Energy of Maun Sadhna" and deep you go.

    1. What are the benefits of Maun Sadhna?

    In Spirituality, everything should not be aimed for benefits. Spirituality is a quest in which benefits occur. The best benefit from Maun Sadhna is elevation of spiritual levels of a person. Besides, benefits related to health, wealth, relationship and circumstances are add ups. Please specify if you intend to ask something other than this.

    Thank you so much for answering my questions.
    I am not an eligible person to accept apologies from a Divine Soul like you, Sir.I am feeling guilty to hear apologies from you Sir,i am very sorry.
    I am very happy for being answered, time or duration doesn't matter.

    I thought there may be a manthra or a procedure for doing maun sadhana.

    With a simple request to VK if we can silence our mind.....then it will be the greatest achievement for me.....I hope for many people striving for spiritual development.

    "VK GOLDEN SUNRISE please give Energy of Mauna sadhana ×3 for me NOW "

    Heartful Gratitudes to Sharath Sir for this Maun sadhana.
    Thank you Sanjoy Roy Sir
    Thank you Vk forum.
  • Sometimes unavoidable situations, drive you away from the mainstream. But we should learn to swim against the waves.

    So soothing and inspiring words.....
    Which i learnt from you at the right moment.

    Thank you so much Sir
  • Dear @Madhursr,

    Golden SunRise !! and thank you for your thank you.

    Sharat Sir, is a pioneer in today's healing fraternity. He has given us simplified methods of all processes of practicing spirituality and healing. An Orthodox healer or practitioner in holistic methods, will be perplexed to see these 'made easy' techniques.

    Please share your experience of Maun Sadhna on this forum.

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher i have to say you r lucky n blessed to receive cosmic energy in maun sadhna with Sharat Sir.thank u n golden sunrise to u
  • Dear @Jenny,
    Golden SunRise to you.

    Yes, I have been lucky like many others in the group. Being there in presence of Sharat Sir is blissful, you know because he is so full of energy radiating from him that if you are sitting near to him, you may receive a lot. If he luckily places his hand on your head, you will feel being out of the a trance.

    @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher may tell you her experiences


    "It was time for meditation and thus Sharat Sir asked everyone to be ready for the Maun Saadhna. After a 7 minutes (warm-up), when we were about to go in for a deep meditation ."

    Can you please explain me about warm up..
    Is meaning of warm up a physical exercise...?

    Is it compulsory to do physical exercise before doing any meditation...?

    Thank you Sir☺️
  • Dear @Madhursr,

    Ha Ha Ha !! used to be a energy warming up. A 5 minute small session of warm up to get everyone ready for the main session which did not had a time limit (used to go for an hour or more sometimes).

    You need not bother about it. Just go for a main course. Sit in the most comfortable position, where you are not disturbed by the body posture. You may recline or lie down, it does not matter. Feel your body parts relaxing one-by one. Hold VK in between your palms and ask for Energy of Maun Sadhna by Sharat Sir and deep you go. You may also affirm a target of your meditation eg. Blessings of Maa Durga, Shri Ganesh, Shri Bala jee and more.

    Share your experience for us to get inspired.

    Thank you so much ...for explaining in detail with patience...

    In some modalities they do physical exercise ..for example in pranic healing ,before doing arhatic yoga meditation.soooo....????.

    I will definitely share my experiences ....
    Thank you so much Sir????
  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher golden sunrise.while i was reading yr post i requested my VK for this maun sadhana energy.i did very casually i felt a sudden gush of energy coming right from sharat sir.i felt a shower of energy coming from his hands towatds is great experience.felt calm and energetic i didnt place any intention to VK only maun sadhana energy.thank you to all here.
  • Wonderful...!!!
    Dear @Remo, very often, when we guide for practicing VK, we suggest not to wait and evaluate as to what should be the problem, or what should be the remedy (medically), because, a common person is not a doctor, nor does one has a professional diagnostics... so you need not wait to find out which Serum or what technique......use your creativity, visualize the issue and talk to VK as if you are talking to a friend. VK will pick your vision/intention and help in the most beneficial way.

    Now, you have done it to show many others, that just a casual affirmation in the most common language may do the magic, in most efficient way. We need not go for a nitty-gritty of the issue. My appreciations to you. Please keep going and get more surprises for everyone of us.....Great !!

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Sir

    Thank you Sir for wonderful sharing on Maun Sadhana.

    Regarding my experience with Sharat Sir meeting him, its beyond words. When i was travelling towards his residence, my energy went on increasing till i reach his place. When i touched his feet, i felt blessed. He gave a warm hug , it was like high energy flow from him.

    He did a special healing with VK, i felt strong vibrations on my whole self, the body was light and happy for atleast 2 days in the same energy.

    Wisdom flows from him when he speaks. He has a very good sense of humour. Humbleness smiles from his whole personality. Very down to earth and so simple a spiritual master could be i never thought the way he balances his material and spiritual life.


    When i go back away from his place, it feels something is missing or left back. I felt leaving problems back and i also felt if i could meet him again for some more time and hear and learn from him.

    Even when i am on call with him, my energy changes most of the time within few mins.

    The first time called him, i was 3 months old with VK at that time, i had a thought of talking to him about my problems for hrs, but his voice was so strong and positive that i told him about myself in few lines, within min. Thats the power he has in his aura, that negative cannot stand for long, be it negative emotions or negative mindsets.

    His home is filled with love and compassion. i saw Vandana mam, a wonderful partner to him, a very strong yet very compassionate lady treating us as a family.

    I have not attended Maun Sadhana with Sir, but there is great learnings from him whenever i interact with him. Sometimes i do not understand why he says certain things, but later it gets correlated with life events.

    I am very grateful to Sharat Sir for blessing me to be part of his Divine mission and GOLDEN SUNRISE family.

    Thank you @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Sir for your support and teachings

    Thanks to all team members for always sharing love and learnings with each other.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all.

  • Thankyou @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Sir for beautiful explanation and guidance with choice of awesome words and your wisdom.
    Always got something new while reading from you. Gratitude Sir.
    Gratitude to @SharatSir for giving this platform of knowledge.
  • Dear @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher It is so nice to get a word of Love from you. May God Bless you with the energy of the Universe. Thank you <3

  • Thank you all beloved teachers for sharing the knowledge
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher thanks for sharing can imagine your feelings meeting Sir.
    @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher i too wish to meet Sir.vk will make way.golden sunrise
  • I want to attend the sessions of Maun Sadhana conducted by Sharat Sir ... pls bless me ????????????????
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