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ॐ High Fever Conquered,Bombarded with Energies through VK. ॐ

edited January 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

Golden Sunrise!ॐ

I would like to share another blissful experience with Divine & VK...This happened just this 28th of May 2019 (Tuesday)...

My eldest son is 18 years old, turning 19 this June.He's vacation has just started last week so he was so busy starting first day of vacation with parties, get-together, dance activities, etc. almost every day.He was not able to take water that I charge for health because he was not able to go home for a couple of days so I just send him energies for safety to be accident-free which is important specially when a family member is away from home.He went home in the morning of May 28 (Tuesday) and rested the whole day for he has an interview scheduled the next day (May 29,Wednesday) and a Prom to attend to on that night.He didn't tell us that he's not feeling well already when he came home and thought he could manage his illness on his own.He took paracetamol at 4pm when he felt his body is getting so hot.Paracetamol should kick in after 45minutes to an hour but it didn't.At 8pm,That's the time he told us that he's ill.I immediately felt his high temperature and got the thermometer.By that time,his temp is already 40.5c (105f) and already chilling.His eyes were so red and blurry.I made him take paracetamol and immediately charged a small bottle of water through VK with Golden Sunrise + D-Fev Serum + Immune Serum + ENT Serum + All Clear Serum.I made him drink small amounts but was not able to finish the bottle because he was so exhausted and fell into sleep.Paracetamol took effect but just a little.Fever doesn't go down much,stays at 39c (102f) and up.I'm used to experiences like these with my kids so I thought that this kind of illness usually takes 24-48 hours or more to subside so he might not be able to make it to his interview and prom the next day...So I continued to focus on him while he's asleep.I stayed with him in his room to be able to monitor his temperature and make him drink paracetamol round-the-clock and make him drink VK charged water once in a while.At 12am, his temp is shooting up again so I woke him up and gave him paracetamol and made him finish his VK charged bottled water.I charged a bigger (1 litter) bottle of water through VK with Golden Sunrise Elate Body + D-Fev Serum + Ganesha Kavacham + Immune Serum + Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra and made him drink lots of it before going back to sleep. I didn't sleep and continued with praying to my Beloved Ganeshaॐ...Chanted 108 Ganesha Mool Mantra with my Rudraksha Malaॐ...I did VOB to my son with Ganesha Atharvashirsha Mantra + D-fev Serum + Ganesha Kavacham + Immune Serum + Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra.Then directly asked VK to give to my son the energies of Golden Sunrise Bring Magic + D-fev Serum + Immune Serum + ENT Serum + Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra and wore VK on his arm.I took short naps with my alarm set once in a while so I could check his temperature and give him VK Charged Water and medicine and make direct requests to VK every after 30 minutes and continued my prayer to Ganapati Ji.From 12am till 4am,the fever toned down to 38.4c-37.8c(100f).At 8am, temp is normal at 36.5c (97f) and no sign of rising temperature till 12pm.I continued to give him Golden Sunrise Elate Body + D-Fev Serum + Ganesha Kavacham + Immune Serum + Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra through Charging 1litter of bottled water with VK and asked him to take a drink every 10 - 15 minutes since he's awake already and through direct request to VK to give him these energies every after 30 minutes.He was so delighted because he said he feels great and didn't feel headache when he woke up which he usually feels whenever he wakes up after having high fever.He said his poop is a little loose which according to him may have been caused by the street food they ate the night before he went home.It may also be the cause of that high fever or colds & flu virus he got or simply his body took its toll due to over fatigue.So to make sure, I charged another 1 litter of bottled water with Golden Sunrise Elate Body + D-Fev Serum + Ganesha Kavacham + Activated Charcoal + Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra and have him bring it with him to his interview.He was able to eat well and attend all his commitments after his very fast recovery from illness.He's back to normal as if nothing happened the night before.I continue to give him Ganesha Atharvashirsha Mantra + Golden Sunrise Bring Magic + Ganesha Kavacham + Shield Of Seven Rays + Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra up until now through VK Charged Bottled Water and Direct Requests to keep him shielded.This is just one of the many Miracles of Divine & VK to Me and my Family.There's more I want to tell you time...Ma'am @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher knows some of it which I haven't shared here yet because it's a long-long story.Again and again...I want to give tons of thank yous to @SharatSir for Lovely VK! With Ganesha...Divine...VK...There's no battle I won't conquer!MY DIVINE NEVER FAILS ME!Shielded & Blessed!JAI GANESHA!ॐNamaskaram!ॐ


  • Golden Sunrise.. Wonderful things seems impossible but with Devine VK everything seems always possible to VK family members. Thanks for sharing. Golden sunrises to you, my heartily gratitudes
    to Sharat Sir
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