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Asking a signal/sign to VK, choosing a career opportunity and moving ahead, my VK experience


Another experience with VK about Asking a Signal from VK

Trusting in the energies in VK, i requested VK to guide me for my friend, who was at a career crossroad.

She was in a dilemma. Her current job was not stable. She wanted to take a decision of her life, whether to take up another job or take a project as a freelancer.

She felt, changing her job to another one was like again getting into insecurities with new place. And taking up freelancing assignments, would be to remain without earnings which otherwise come from stable earnings from employment. But she can work on new multiple assignments with new rich experiences and larger money opportunities.

She was not using VK at that time, so she requested me to use VK in someway to help her know. Here again i left on VK to give guidance, as this was tough one to choose between 2 careers.

She expressed that she wanted to know if freelancing is a better opportunity for her, as changing to new job can happen anytime with her background of corporate experience.

I requested VK like this,

O Divine VK, i seek your guidance for my friend. Please show me a signal in form of a small girl in pink frock, holding a red balloon in her hand, if Freelancing is a great fulfilling career for my friend XYZ to choose and move ahead for financial gains and work passionately. Show me this signal within 24 hours from now

Placing this request 3 times, i noted the time. I kept VK aside for 30 min.

On the same day, i saw a small girl with pink frock and 2 red balloons in her hands, and smiling at me. WOW !!

VK gave me the guidance and i narrated the entire experience to her. She decided to quit and start on her own. I charged her drinking water with

With direct request to VK, sending GOLDEN SUNRISE and SHIELD OF 7 RAYS to her and her career.

For many months, she was without earnings from assignments, but she kept getting money from good other sources to maintain her requirements, some surprises from previous investments, support from relatives.

After a year, her earnings have increased, she is happy with new career. She is now a new VK user, and exploring VK for her career.

Million Thanks to Sharat Sir for VK giving a wonderful guidance to choose a career, when it was difficult to decide looking at Pros and Cons for two opportunities. And then supporting her in best way.

Gratitude to VK, my partner !!


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