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Crystals, Charging a simple stone with crystal energy

Can we invoke the energy of any crystal in any simple stone through VK? IF YES, THEN TILL WHAT TIME THE ENERGY OF THE CRYSTAL WILL REMAIN IN THAT STONE??


  • @aditya_modi


    Yes you can charge with VK. The energy will remain till it is consumed from the stone. The stone is only the carrier of crystal energy. So when that energy is consumed, it will just be a simple stone.

    A better OR easier way is to send energy directly through VK either by direct request or through drinking water with safety and security.

    What do you think ?

  • Golden sunrise...
    Thanku mam... Recently ,I have found some healers installing the energies of crystals/ numbers permanently in any object..
    So, I wanted to know whether it is possible to permanently install energies through vk?
  • @aditya_modi

    Which healers pl share the names
  • Golden sunrise.... Thanku sir
  • There is a huge difference between charging and attuning.

    In charging, a Reiki healer can charge an organ or a crystal or anything with specific energy and charging remains there until it consumes, e.g. a Reiki healer can charge a person's organ with Reiki and the known fact is that charge organ will not be charged lifelong. "It is easy to get the ability to charge".

    In attuning, a Reiki Master can attune a person with specific energy and attuning remains there until he/ she died, e.g. a Reiki Master can attune a person with Reiki and the known fact is that attuned person will be attuned till his/ her last breath. "It is difficult to get the ability to attune".

    @ARUNKUMAR , your answer is an outcome of a well-trained philosopher mind which lead us to nowhere, e.g. a day time sky is blue for a normal eye and not blue for a person who has blue color blindness. Both have there own view, but what is the reality? What is your thought about day time sky? Is it blue or ...?

  • Thanks for the philosophical answer again
  • So sharath sir, can we get the attunement through VK ??
  • Sir please reply
  • What attunement do you want?

  • I mean to say if I want to get reiki attunement, Can I request VK to attune me?
  • Yes, you can get Reiki Attunement even without having a Reiki Master Attunement.

  • @aditya_modi

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Out of curiosity i wanted to know, Why do you think of Reiki attunement to yourself, after having VK??

    VK has infinite possibilities and an amazing feature of mimicking other healing modalities including Reiki just with a simple request.

    Many VK users who don't know Reiki are able to explore Reiki through VK. In fact many Reiki users are also not practising Reiki healing directly, after having VK.

    Also i am wondering who are the healers who are attuning simple stones to crystals permanently, that you mentioned in the earlier comments? Can you share?

  • Golden sunrise sharat sir...
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher Mam, I have seen on Facebook... I have inboxed you on Fb messenger..
  • edited May 2019
    We can not attune healing stone because stone has the nature of not getting an attunment but you can charge it for sometimes. Those who claim are making people fool. They actually charge stones and sell them.

    Difference between charged healing stone and attuned VK:-

    1. Healing stone does acquire negative energy from patients and therefore need to be clean after sometimes but VK does not acquire any negative energy from anyone therefore it does not need any cleansing.

    2. Charged healing stone only give you the same energy every time becuase it emit a certain type of energy but attuned VK give you infinite energy and possibility because it emit all 11 cosmic energies. Every tangible or intangible of the Universe is made of these 11 cosmic energies.

    3. Charged healing stone does not mimic any energy or therapy but attuned VK does mimic all energies or therapies, even VK can mimic energy and outcome of all stones.

    4. You can get the energy of any healing stone even without charging of it e.g. you can put a stone in a glass full of water at night and drink it in the morning to get its energy. But you can not get the energy of an un-attuned steel bangle even you dip it in water throughout life. After getting attuned with 11 cosmic energies a simple steel bangle is converted into a VK. Now you can charge water with any stone's energy within 20 sec with the help of VK.

    Point 5. Around every 6 month they come up with the different healing stones and praise its properties, sell you the same and make you fool. But since May 2009, I am still selling the same VK. As a VK user you do not need to buy any healing stone or any other healing tool throughout your life. Beyond your life time even your next generation can use it.
  • @SharatSir ji

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Beautiful answer and explanation.
    We are truly blessed to have VK from you Sir. And your simpicity, humbleness , truthfulness and knowledge sharing is beyond measure.

    Thank you Sir feeling blessed to be associated with you.

    Thank you to our amazing VK.
  • Golden sunrise divine sharat sir and rakhi mam
    Such a wonderful explanation...
    My doubt has been cleared...
    Thanks for a wonderful gift ... VK
  • Golden Sunrise Sir,

    So simple explanation to the point.

    I stopped buying stones, mala's, healing attunements and many such things from the day I got VK.

    Thank you for blessing me & my family with VK.

  • GOLDEN SUNRISE Sharath sir,
    Thank you so much for the Divine VK.
    and for this VK forum.
  • Pranam SharatSirji.thank you for VK and knowledge.golden sunrise
  • Golden Sunrise....thanks to all and Sharat Sir for explaining the differences in such simple way.

  • Thanks to all Beloved Teachers & Sharat Sir...
  • Thankyou for detailed guidance Sir.
    Gratitudes Sir
    Wonderful explanation rakhi didi
    Thank you for all above information, explanations and guidance too.
    @SharatSir in point no 4 you have mentioned that charge water with any stone's energy in 20 secs. Here I'm confused. Can you please say quantity of water too. Coz I remember reading some wr VK needs 2 mins for 1lt or less water to be charged.
    Thanks for the Divine VK and all the efforts you take just for mankind or rather the Universe
    Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude n no of times Gratitude ???????? ???????? ????????
    May Divine help you to fulfill all your good wishes and dreams.
  • @Golden_Sunrise_Jaie
    It is mentioned A glass full of water in the point.
  • I have read a tip long time ago to perform Cho ku Rei through a simple request on VK. Is it possible to request Hosanna Symbol and any other Simbol of reiki with VK as requested for Cho Ku Rei ?
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