My biggest trouble, Masturbation, Principles of Brahmacharya

Dear guides,
I have a good control over my diet ,exercise and studies..the only thing that has bern bothering me for years now is my habbit of masturbation. I have trying to retain my vital energy but after some short and long streaks i fail.
I feel i am wasting my energy in useless things like Porn and masturbation.
I need your guidance to get rid of this thirst and focus on my life goals.(Also i have been following principles of bhramacharya for sometime and the thing coming in between is my years old bad habbit ).help me to be successful in this .
Thanks so much


  • Please read Men Serum article and Anti Addiction serum
  • I am already using ENTS,ACS AND BS for my vocal problems atleast 5 times a day.
    Shall i use another combo MS AND AAS 4 -5 times a day too ?
    Thanks Puneet Ji
  • Dear don't worry about the habit of masturbation. It is a part of life. And don't listen to so-called mahatma, most of the time they give you the most difficult way to practice. Bhramacharya is one of the toughest ways of achieving Divine. It is good for non-social people.

    But for the social people, Grastha Jeevan is the way to connect the Divine. It is an easier way too.

    Don't try to get rid of masturbation, instead, try to calm down your self. For this, take Calm Down Serum, Men Serum, and Anti Addiction Serum all together 4 to 5 times a day. This combo will reduce the frequency of masturbation.

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