Rubella Virus in stomach pregnancy

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A virus called rebulla is there in my cousin's stomach and because of it she was not conceiving.... So I was giving her all cleare zapper healing in water from March by which virus is reduced..... And Santan goal mantra by direct request.... Now she told me about her pregnancy but virus is still there....

So I am confused whether to continue with the same water all clear zapper perfect health balance Golden sunrise.... Coz it will effect baby or not....

Please guide


  • @Dolly

    If the infection was known before pregnancy, doctor must have given her the vaccine for the same.

    You can just send IMMUNE SERUM to her.
    In addition follow the article on Pregnancy care with VK

  • @Dolly

    Also keep sharing your amazing VK experiences on forum to motivate all in VK SUCCESS STORIES category.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts

  • Sure mam... One thing I want to know can I give the baby shield of seven days (to protect it from virus) perfect health balance serum beauty serum
  • @Dolly

    Just follow the article on Pregnancy care with VK shared in above comment.

    Don't think of virus or illness for the baby. Just think of healthy strong happy baby.

  • OK mam.... My cousin wants to know when the soul enters baby in womb....?

  • @Dolly

    New Life starts with formation of embryo. I guess that should be the time after formation of embryo, a soul enters in a baby in womb.
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