Job and emotional disturbances in self and with wife

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Dear Mentors, need additional suggestions one of my relative is out of job since last 4 months. He is 50 years old. He is behaving rudely with his wife and child. Also he is not looking out for a job with interest. Right now I am giving him Total wealth serum, mood up serum, all clear serum, balance serum and perfect health serum. Have also started giving them one soul serum and love serum. Please can you suggest some more methods of giving healing to his family. His wife is of late having suicidal thoughts. Need help. Thanks in advance


  • @Varsha ji
    Please read Total Wealth Serum article on our website it should not be combined with any health serum.

    Love Serum should not be given to others, only a VK user can give Love Serum for own relationship.

    Please use search options with JOB, Relationship and see what suggestions pops up. @SharatSir guided us to read more to be self independent healer.
    You can also read VK TIPS category for quick tips.
  • Please also read this link below to choose between MUS and CDS for a person
  • Thank you for your prompt reply Puneetji. Will search and also read the articles properly.
  • Thank you Puneet Sir. Will check the link and will also reread the articles on Cosmic Serums
  • @Varsha

    Please send immediate and more healing to the wife with MOOD UP SERUM BRAVO SERUM SHIELD OF 7 RAYS. Prioritise your healing for the person who needs immediate attention depending upon the number of healing possible for you.

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