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I have bought my VK on Saturday and last night I had continuous nightmares....even after breaking sleep and sleeping hours later. It was exactly 12pm when I broke sleep. Feeling a shadow in the house. Any help till my VK arrives.
Thank you


  • Till you get VK, Chant Golden Sunrise as many times as you can.
  • Thank you. Golden Sunrise

  • I am currently assisting about 40 children using magnotherapy to help balance their bodies so that they can do better in studies. But now that I have VK can I put all their names and the subjects they want to do better in a circle calling the different serums. Also activating the magnets with the study serum and brain serum.
    Please advise how best I can help these children...getting ready to write their final exams.
    If I should leave theVK on the book with their names overnight would it be charging whole night as many are studying at night.
    Thank You
    Golden Sunrise

  • @yuvas

    Yes you can help children in studies with VK and Cosmic Serums.

    For VK procedures please read all the posts in BASICS OF VK category

    Also check VK Tips and VK success stories to get more ideas on how you can help students.

    You will be able to explore VK more as you give yourself time to read the BASICS.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your learning and efforts
  • @yuvas

    As i see you are a new VK user, you can please read this post. Your questions on VK procedures will end here with beautiful answers.

    BASICS OF VK Post Zero

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