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VK Conquered My Little Daughter's Stomach Upset

edited May 2019 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

Golden Sunrise!ॐ

This early morning, my 3 years old baby girl woke up crying and said that her stomach is painful. She's still sleepy but was in so much discomfort that's why she cried and cried.She doesn't even want me to touch her stomach. I know that kind of feeling for I've experienced the same many times before. I immediately took off VK on my hand and asked VK for the energy of GOLDEN SUNRISE, PAIN CARE SERUM and ALL CLEAR SERUM, then I rotated VK on top of my daughter's tummy. She felt comfortable at times but sudden frequencies of pain attacks and made her so uncomfortable. Sometimes, she's on the brink of falling into sleep again but the pain keeps on coming back, so persistent and wakes her up again and again. Then I remembered reading @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher 's article about ACTIVATED CHARCOAL ... so I immediately grabbed my phone and browsed to the VK forum and searched for this article. When I found it... I talked to VK and said "Om Shree Ganesha Magic Beggin Now." (x3) " VK please send energy of ACTIVATED CHARCOAL to my Baby Ika's Digestive System to ADSORB all negative and toxins causing this upset " (x3) "Let's Make It Happen VK."and rotated VK again on my baby's tummy...Guess what...In less than 1 minute,she shouted "Daddy...Poop!" so I rushed her to the comfort room and bam! She released it all out with some undissolved food she had for dinner. She felt good instantly after she released it and was already making fun of the spider on the wall before I even washed her up. Then she played a little on the bed and went back to sleep. This afternoon, she released some small amount of the left waste but she's all good. Right now, she's in her usual "Playful Naughty Girl" mode.Hahaha! :p What can I say... Wow... My Friend VK saves our day again and again! My Beloved Ganesha who never fails me! Again and again...Thank you so much @SharatSir , @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher and all the Litairian family members!ॐ So BLESSED!


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