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VK TIP 125 : Long journey or travel with ease and comfort , Take care of Jetlag and Travel sickness

Some Travel tips with VK.

Use SHIELD OF 7 RAYS for safe and secured travel. You can give to all fellow travellers, to the vehicle as well as to your luggage.

You can even charge your clothes and footwear with energy of COMFORT and RELAX or maybe STRENGTH for shoes if you are walking long distances.

Request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE make for my safe comfortable easy travel reaching the destination on time.

For jet lag or travel sickness , start with combination of PERFECT HEALTH SERUM All Clear Serum, Balance Serum before the journey , through the journey and after the journey if required.

If there is fear of height or fear of flight take off or landing or ghats , use Bravo Serum.

6.. Charge your travel foods with DIGEE SERUM Perfect Health Serum and Immune Serum to have enough stamina and immunity.
7. Apply cream charged with Beauty Serum for skin care.
8. Can take Gym Serum if you are travelling long distances and you are not able to move around/walk much. Gym Serum will keep you active and flexible.
9. If you feel tired with lack of sleep in travel , take Perfect Health Serum and Eye Serum to keep your eyes fresh.
10. For any dust allergies from seats or bedding , you can charge them with All Clear Serum.
11. Request VK for power nap with deep sleep mentioning the number of hours and to wake up fresh at (specify time).
12. To cheer up your fellow travellers use Mood up serum.

If required for jet lag you can watch Sharat Sir's video for Jet lag or take its energy with VK.

Like this you can use VK with required energies and simple requests during travel and make it a memorable one.

Why don't you try this in next travel....request VK for travel with good memorable moments.

Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK our companion in travel


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