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Melting cyst in uterus VK psychic surgery, EFT and love, my VK experience

edited August 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

Golden sunrise Pranam Sharat Sirji
My sisterinlaw was having cyst in uterus.Sonography done by doc.She said 3 centimetre cyst changing position also in every test.Bad pain for her and removal of uterus to cure was treatment said by d doc.With VK i did psychic surgery on uterus n whole reproduction system.I read this on forum or fb somewhere.Charged her water to drink with EFT n Fem serum given in Vk tip 19.She got some relief in pain.Did psychic surgery with my more VKs n follow boost method.I was sent gratitude to her cyst with vk. Explained her to say thank you to pain n cyst. She was not willing but convinced her pain is teaching something.Did PS for more than 5 months daily. She took charged water with above energy daily,more during pain.In new scan report, 3 centim cyst is missing.Doc is surprised.Pain is reducing.Giving her mood up serum for her happy mood.She is better now n feels more happy. Thanks n Gratitude Sirji for VK saving her.


  • Thank you @Leenakaur for sharing. It's
    certainly boost our confidence.
    Golden Sunrise to all of your efforts.
  • Wow amazing experience @Leenakaur ji,
    I appreciate your patience and keeping faith in divine energies. Your good intentions make her believe and hence healing is done completely.
    Golden sunrise to all your efforts.
    Thankyou for motivating us with your experience.
  • @Leenakaur

    Amazing. I loved your way to say Gratitude to pain and cyst. Yes problems or sufferings also teach or come to teach us some lessons.
    Nice way to use it. Sharat Sir also teaches to love and thank even the pain. He says the pain is precious Not everyone gets the pain. Sometime it comes to people who can bear it and who are really strong and for a reason. So be in gratitude even to the suffering.

    Thanks for sharing. GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforte. Loved your patience with healing for months. And wonderful result in scan, disappearing of cyst.

    Gratitude to Sir for VK in our lives
  • thank u all teachers. @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher ji i got this gratitude and love to pain idea from screenshot posted by Sirji on forum.Thank u all for support and guidance.god bless Sirji n VK team.golden sunrise
  • Nice experience...great part is gratitute...Almost everything will be sorted if we follow gratitute in every situation.
    Gratitute to Sharat Sir and Divine VK.
  • Wonderful experience
  • Outstanding efforts.
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