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Reiki Psychic Surgery on Plantar Fascia and walking difficulty, my VK experience

Golden Sunrise Friends.

Today I am sharing about my experience with Reiki Psychic Surgery. I was having pain in my left heel. I was facing uncomfortable while walking, when using toilet. I consultated to my Doctor brother who is an Orthopedic. From him I got to know that it is called Plantar fasciitis, it's an inflammation of the fibrous tissue (plantar fascia) along the bottom of my foot that connects my heel bone to my toes. My brother told it will go away in time, no need to worry. Also he gave me some medicines. But I always try to avoid medicines. As the pain continues, so I always tried PCS (Pain Care Serum) through my VKay. Pain reduced but it return back every alternate day. It pains a lot during night and after waking up in the morning. But after some walking it reduced to normal. It's a daily routine. So I recently tried Reiki Psychic Surgery on my heel directly. Within minutes as soon as I finished rotating Vkay on that heel there was no more pain left to feel. I was surprised with the result. The result was like instant. I again tried this surgery two times more on that same day as maintenance dose. Now I don't have that pain.

Thank you Sharat Sir for encouraging us to experiment with different possibilities through VK.
Thank you Healers and Masters.
Thank you VK.

Healing request I used is " VKay please activate to do Reiki Psychic Surgery on my Heel" X Three times. (The intention was to reduce the pain)

I am not attune to any Reiki Level


  • @Anit Nayak - Supportive VK Teacher

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Nice experience. Thanks for sharing.

    Difficulty in walking can be due to some trapped negative emotions. Here Psychic Surgery plays a role.

    The swelling of the fibrous tissue/foot could be manifested from accumulated emotions and resulted in unwanted pain patterns. So here when you used PS, those emotions were removed/released and you got a relief.

    Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK that we don't have to be Reiki Helears, no attunement required and VK is our Reiki Healer.

  • Yes, lately I understood it may have some negative emotions which restricted my movement to going further. So I am healing to release my fear of uncertainty.

    Thank you @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher ji for highlighting the underline issues.
    Thank you @SharatSir Ji for empowering every individual like me.
    Thank you Dear VKay.

  • After requesting Psychic surgery, Can we do VOB on particular area...? or VK should be kept aside for 30mins... Which one is more effective sir..?
  • @Chenna520

    Simpliest is to keep VK aside. While rotating VK also you can request Psychic Surgery

    Experiment and share your results.
  • Sure mam... Thanks ????
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