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In search of light, my VK leading me to VS, now its one year beautiful journey with VIBBES SEEDER

edited April 2019 in VIBBES SEEDER
As Sharat Sir says most Indians are God fearing and always look for Moksh so called ultimate salvation. In search of Moksh we seek various practices and are ready to perform N no. Of rituals. For me also a journey started with loads of unanswered questions with a spiritual cult few years back.

I was at peak of my career when I started this journey of unknown. I was blessed with a simple amazing family. Always being fearless and full of energy never minded the few ups and downs in life and was able to sail through. Challenges always helped me grow was my motto.

Though I was not too involved in the Initial years just a few mantras to be chanted. But gradually I could see changes in my physical appreances....started gaining weight ( would like to mention even after both of kids I was back in shape and fit within 3 months ) , my skin started to change with acne even after taking all precautions. Everybody started wondering what sought of practices I was doing....rather than raising positive vibrations everything started to look cloudy.

There was practices for finances but unnecessary expenses kept rising. Finances started going in reverse. Gradually I stopped working as I started developing fear. Came across negative people , most of the decisions made , children started to decline in studies and activites....along with unexpected illness. Nothing was right.

Immense fights in family , a point came when nobody would like to talk to each other. I started searching solutions as I could not get any solution from the guru. A time came when I used to search on net and everytime Litairian website kept popping. After loads of consideration from spiritual as well as financial aspect I welcomed a VK in my life. Not knowing how to use and what to do I just wore it but at the back of mind I kept wishing for a light at the end of tunnel. After about 6 months of having VK left the tantric life. In times of despair not knowing what to do along with losing confidence started to search for peace. Again VK family and Rakhiji came to rescue and suggested to get VS though financially it was not viable but with help of a family member could welcome it at my home exactly on the day I wished for which seemed impossible. Yes I also put a few GS image at home.

Its been a year since I have VS at home things have started to change....I could heal my relation with my husband. Relationship with children has started getting better, few illness , negative people out of our life....infact I have started getting help from people whom I could not even think of.

It seems there was a thick cloud and it has started clearing up. I have already mentioned my skin healing....immense change.

Astrolgers used to say there is nothing wrong in any of the horoscopes. Tantric Black magic is so powerful it rules out all astrology and all karmas.

But yes now I have choosen to forgive him and release him which has been very healing...have been doing forgiveness exercise with VK.

ACS and energy of Hanuman Chalisa are my goto serum....I know they are always there for me......and yes my saviour Golden Rakhi with a golden heart always there to help and heal.


  • Much appreciated your efforts with Divine positive energies with VK.
    God always love us as we are their child we should not fear, Gratefully living and playing the given role fairly following heartbeat is a kind of salvation.
    I hope Past and negativity is no more worthy compare to positivity and good intentions. @SharatSir always guide us to live in present and do good deeds from the moment now is better choice than forgiveness practice.
    Thankyou for Sharing your Lifetime transformation experience with VK and VS.
    Gratitudes to Sharat Sir for Divine Blessings.
  • @Kavita0101

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Wonderful, amazing and Wow journey with VK and VS together.

    I really appreciate your way of using VK with intentions for so many things. And your patience is so inspiring. You waited with patience to see changes in so many important areas of your family life and your personal transformation for months with VK and VS.

    You did not stop healing and found your own solutions with VK.

    Your experience is a great learning and inspiration to me and it would be for many readers too.

    Really admire you for your efforts and enthusiasm through the journey. I even admire your way of life with forgiving those who hurt you so much.

    Thank you for your kind words of appreciation. I feel blessed to hear your wonderful experiences !! Keep sharing.

    Gratitude to Sharat Sir for wonder combination of VK and VS and keeping all VK users bonded as Pearls in a necklace (Jaise motiyon ki mala) through this forum.

  • Thanks @Kavita0101 to pour your wonderful feelings in every word. My wishes are with you always. Have a Golden Sunrise Life Ahead.
  • @Kavita0101
    Kavitaji very inspiring.Thank you.

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