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Vibbes seeder experience, negative energy of dead remains and negative spirits wiped out

edited April 2019 in VIBBES SEEDER
Golden Sunrise
With more than 19 yrs experience as a Vaastu Consultant and cosmic energy specialist ,I read n feel everything as Energy.
I do visit lots of sites and its not any surprise for me that place like Mumbai also has Haunted houses n houses with dead remains. I visited one such house which had heavy energies including spirits of human and animals. All dead remains were burried under the flooring and very heavy harmful energy installed in the house at different spots. With my dowsing method I checked energy levels going to minus 12 which is too negative for people to live. Same time I started getting communications from spirits and they revealed whole story , which client did not reveal to me. On narrating story from my side , client was shocked and confirmed with his elders and it turned out to be exactly same incident. He wanted relief from all these. I recommended VS to be installed in his room first , as my concern was regarding 2 small kids n nightmare faced by them.
Client agreed.
The day I installed VS after my prayers which I do always before installing any remedies , I told them to hold vs and sit with closed eyes. And again I started my prayers . They could feel tremor n strong vibrations in their room and in their body as I was in process of calling divinity to bless them and their room and let vs bring all auspicious energies to them.
The very next day I got a call that after 5 years they slept peacefully n day by day they felt their room is different from whole house.
After that
They told me ground floor energy is still heavy.
I said yes, because vs is installed on 1st floor so it has been purified.
But roots are in ground floor which needs treatment.
The challenge was to convince family members to install VS on ground floor.
For that I gave Them VK and suggested how to pray through vk . And they did it. In few days they gave me call saying that approval has come to install VS on ground floor. I went there with VS and did all my procedure and found exact spots where dead remains were there.
I installed VS at location I found to be accurate. In 2 minutes I did dowsing again and vibration has changed to plus 8 at Vaastu and plus 12 Bhoomi energy. All spirits were happily welcoming me to do all these procedures without any hurdles. It took few hours for spirits to ascend in light in presence of VS . And i could see bright light in the house.
Family was happy and told me they will give me feedback for every good situation they will come across now onwards. Spirits blessed me and lots of blessings went to Sharat Sir for making such wonderful invention.


  • Wow. That's really inspiring.

  • Amazing experience indeed. Sharat Sir's efforts in inventing Vibbes Seeder is beyond appreciation in words.

    Sharat Sir has taken lot of efforts to make this ONE STOP solution, which works in 34 amazing ways.

    :smile: In one of the experiments of Vibbes Seeder before launching Vibbes Seeder, i have seen Sharat Sir how within few minutes , he just did some actions with his hands and drove out negative spirits in one home, which was haunted.

    He could even spot negative vortices which other experts in the field could not make out with dowsing.

    The solution he came up is so simple, that VS just needs to be placed in the house, and there is an immediate energy change. No rituals required to place a VS. Even a child can hold VS and place it in the house.

    :smile: In the above post by Shivprakash, after placing VS, the family felt happy as they were energy sensitive and could feel the energy change immediately after placing VS.

    In one of the experiment with Sharat Sir at one place, we had observed that some members were energy sensitive, some were neutral to energy change in the same house, and the dowsing experts reported significant change in energy within 5 minutes of placing the VS in that place. Humans may feel the change based on their psychic abilities.

    Gratitude to Sir for his extra-ordinary efforts and gift of VS to humanity.

    Magnified GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts Sir


    Thank you for sharing

  • Thanks Rakhiji
    Golden Sunrise
  • Just wow experience.gratitudes to Sharat sir
  • Great sharing
  • Golden Sunrise
    Thanks Sharat Sir :)
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE Sharat sir and VK teachers

    Wonderful inventions of Sharat sir - VK & VS.

    I have a question regarding VS.
    Is it necessary to have two separate VS for ground floor and first floor of the same house??
  • @Gayathri
    There are some factors to be considered for VS installation when a home has 2 floors.

    You may ask this question on email to
    [email protected] , we will get back to you.
  • This is superlative Golden experience!!! Just installed our first VS yesterday in our ground floor! Am eager to share my experiences soon =) , Thankyou so much Sharat Ji for being You!

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