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VK TIP 124 : Celebrate Baisakhi with New Hope, new joy and new beginning.


Today on this joyful occasion of Vaisakhi/Baisakhi, happy to share this post.

:heart: Baisakhi is a festival celebrated mainly by North Indians. It has a great significance in Sikh Calendar and begins on the first day of the month of Vaisakh, usually falls on 13th or 14th Apr every year.

This day is also celebrated in different parts of India with different names Bohag Bihu, Vishu, Pohela Boishakh, Puthandu to name a few.

Baisakhi is a harvest festival. It is a Solar new year for most of the communities in India. The temples and Gurudwaras are decorated, people visit and pray in places of worship. There are traditional dances performed like BHANGARA in punjab and North India. Devotees bathe in sacred rivers like Ganga, Jhelum and Kaveri to name a few.

This year its also Ram Navmi being celebrated on the same day, the birth of Shri Ram, the Lord who is the 7th Avatar of Lord Vishnu. Devotees worship and sing praises for Lord Rama and bathe in sacred river Sarayu.

:heart: This day also marks the formation of KHALSA PANTH by 10th Sikh Guru, Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji. KHALSA was formed with the motive to create Sikh warriors, who served selflessly to protect interests of humanity during the Mughal invasions in India.
To read more about formation of KHALSA and its significance, please check this link VK TIP 116, Blessings from Shri GURU GOBIND SINGH ji, 10th Guru of Sikhism


So lets increase this joy with our Divine friend VK.

JOY is for everyone,
HOPE is for everyone,
There is a NEW BEGINNING in every moment.
In every breathe, we re-live our life again.

But sometimes we lose our hope, we fail to enjoy, we forget this life and get trapped in our past. We do not understand whats happening in our lives, as if its all uncontrollable coming from past actions know and unknown. Sometimes we feel that STARS of our past and present life are affecting us and not allowing us to progress.

:heart: Now lets think differently, WHICH IS THE BRIGHTEST STAR?, its the SUN. In light of SUNRISE, all the darkness vanishes. Effect of all other Stars FADE with SUNRISE.

So in our present life, if we hold on to the light of SUNRISE, will it help to fade the darkness from Past Stars? Yes it will. Divine has gifted us with SUNRISE every morning. Every morning the SUNRISE energy brings us to new hope in our life.

What about having Sunrise energy in all our actions.

From Sharat Sir, we have this beautiful mantra of GOLDEN SUNRISE. We also have another gift from Sharat Sir thats VIBBES KADA VK, attuned with Cosmic energies by Sharat Sir, which works to give us the best for our lives in many ways.

Sharat Sir guides to use GOLDEN SUNRISE and VK together.

:smile: I have been using this GOLDEN SUNRISE energy with VK in almost all my work. Last year i was working on a project presentation for a cause. I thought my presentation was perfect and impressive. At the end i just requested VK to send GOLDEN SUNRISE to my presentation.

So while going through the presentation AGAIN with my friend, we realised i had missed to add a major point. This was immediately after i send GOLDEN SUNRISE energy with VK. Here GOLDEN SUNRISE energy with VK worked as a REVIEWER, it pointed my major mistake. It actually helped me with perfection.

:smile: GOLDEN SUNRISE with VK has helped in many so called difficult tasks, it removes all the difficulties, it creases awareness of the VK user.

Read my VK experience with GOLDEN SUNRISE chanting where it led me to know the true cause of suffering of one of my friend, who was affected with black magic.

:smile: A child was suffering with severe acidity and vomiting. The parents approached to Gastroenterologists. I was sending GOLDEN SUNRISE with VK to the child's whole body especially the digestive system. Added GOLDEN SUNRISE energy to the medical reports. The medical reports were normal. It was only that the child was feeling more stressed. Later mental healing of the child was started with GOLDEN SUNRISE and MOOD UP SERUM and the child recovered in few weeks from health issues.
Actually there were no health issues, VK with GOLDEN SUNRISE gave the guidance leading to the root cause.

:heart: There may be obstacles in life, but VK and GOLDEN SUNRISE is there with us. Life is about being in joy, get that joy with VK.

Start your new day now with VK and GOLDEN SUNRISE.

Hold VK and say VK GOLDEN SUNRISE BLESS ME TO REJOICE IN THE LOVE FROM THE UNIVERSE !! Say this repeatedly as you begin the day. Allow the LOVE and JOY to embrace you.

You can also talk to VK in your own words.

This post is written based on my learnings from Sharat Sir and my VK experiences !! Millions of Gratitude to Sharat Sir for bringing light into many lives with VK and GOLDEN SUNRISE

May Divine bless all with light from SUNRISE and bring joy, hope and love in all lives !!

Baisakhi ki Subhkamnayen sabko.
Greetings of Baisakhi to all !!


  • Golden Sunrise.
  • On this Divine Occasion of Sikh Community...
    The Honourable Respected Tenth Guru Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji baptised his true followers who received the grace after proving the test of truthfulness towards Him. He made them from simple normal human beings to the most courageous warriors to defeat the cruel rule of Mughals...a biggest landmark in the history of Sikh Religion.
    A proud and a glorious honouring period where..
    The Guru gave the surname of ‘Singh' (Lion) to every Sikh and also took the name for Himself. From Shri Guru Gobind Rai, he became Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. He also pronounced that all Sikh women embody royalty, and gave them the surname ‘Kaur' (Princess).
    "Congrats on the birth anniversary of the Khalsa" – Happy Baisakhi to Everyone !

    A Glimmering Golden Sunrise to Sharat Sir and his team for remembering and wishing Happy Baisakhi to the Sikh Community...Thanks!
    May the Divine bless the VK and Vibbes Seeder community with good health, prosperity, and infinite happiness..!
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