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If i change request to VK, what happens ?

edited October 2017 in General Discussion

If i have requested VK to please give me Perfect health Serum 3 times and after 5 mins i start chanting Golden Sunrise verbally or in will VK take new request or work on PHS only ?


  • GOLDEN SUNRISE Lakshika,

    VK is an intentional tool. While we wear it follows our thought which are clear. If we wish to do any specific healing. After requesting if we still wear it and if our thoughts go on some other aspect of life VK will leave that first request and follow the next one. So VK starts taking next next thoughts.

    Suppose u requested for perfect health serum . Then while still wearing it after 10 min in your mind you think that your children should score well in semesters. Then after 5 min you think you should have a perfect body weight.

    So the first request of perfect health serum ...The energy sent was only for 10 min. Then 5 min for children and then after 5 min for body weight.

    If the chanting of GOLDEN SUNRISE is again for health it will give health benefit. If the intention of chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE is different, then VK will follow that request.

    So if we keep aside VK for 30 min. VK concentrates on that healing. Because it cannot follow our continuous changing thought -

    Thank You

  • This was new gyan..thanks for it.

  • Thank you for your thanks dear !!

  • But if we keep vk aside for 30 mins and still some thoughts or requirements are running in our mind...will this won't effect?
    U meant wearing it will effect the requests ?

  • When you wear VK will connect to you.

  • Wow , This is an eye opener. hmmmm.
    Need to keep DIVINE VK away for 30 minutes, it is hard to keep DIVINE VK away from self.

  • You can choose to keep it with you Ashish. Keep the thoughts relating to one wish for longer time
  • New learning Rakhiji.... Thank you for elaborating it... Golden sunrise
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE Chetan. Thank you for your thanks

  • Golden Sunrise very informative Rakhiji ... Thank you.

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