My blessed trip to Shirdi enhanced with VK,got my new VK used by Sharat Sir

Pranams to Sharat Sir and VK team.Hi everyone.Iam a VK user from Malaysia.
About 3 weeks ago was my trip to Shriddi.I went to see Baba 18 years ago.after that I did not think much about going to shriddhi because of commitments.Last 2 years somehow a strong urge in me to go and visit Baba again but nothing materialized. suddenly i started talking to my chella VK that I wanted to go to shriddhi.It started materializing.Another vk user my friend, said lets go.Suddenly our flight from singapore -pune was cancelled.I told vk you must bring me to Shriddhi. So flight was rerouted singapore mumbai.Another friend from malaysia had ordered 4 vks and wanted us to collect from Pune.It could not be done. So I told Sharat Sir that we will be landing in Mumbai and going to Shriddhi.He told Rakhiji to meet us in Shriddhi and deliver the bangles.OH IT WAS AWESOME MEETING THIS DIVINE ANGEL. Then I realized this was why our flight was cancelled.VK knows us so well. We actually wanted to meet Sharat SIR or Rakhiji at some point.We had lovely Darshan of Baba all3 of us.So happy and jovial we were.Even Darshan we could stand in front of Baba for 20 minutes without guards chasing us.All because of VK.We stayed in the same room.

.Another miracle that VK did was I actually was thinking of getting a second VK .But didn't have enough funds yet.I was admiring Rakhiji's slim bangle.I asked her if I could hold it and feel it. It was very nice.Then a thought crossed my mind how I wish I too own it and moreover worn by sharat sir and Rakhiji.I told her my wish to own one like this. However the next day when we were returning to Mumbai, suddenly Rakhiji told me Sharat sir said I can have it.There was no limit to MY joy.My heart was dancing.Indeed I was on cloud nine.But I could not pay immediately.Rakhiji said take your time.My heartfelt gratitude to VK. Gratitude to Sharat sir and Rakhiji.tthe 3 days in Shriddhi was so memorable.VK is the nearest and dearest to me. It my BEST CHOICE ever.THANK YOU VK


  • Golden sunrise
    There is a typo error while writing the big post above.the slim bangle was used by Sharat sir for healing and not worn.It was given by sir to Rakhiji who was wearing it.I really feel so blessed. Thank you Sir.

  • Wow Beautiful lovely experience
    Thankyou for sharing your happiness with us.
    Golden Sunrise to all your efforts.
  • @February09 ji

    Thank you for sharing . GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your wishes !! You connect so well to your small and big wishes, wholeheartedly.

    You are truly a blessed soul. I also feel blessed to meet you.

    Gratitude to Sharat Sir for connecting us through VK.

  • Lucky one!
    Had good Dharshan of BABA and got SharatSir' s VK.
    Well written and inspiring article.
  • Golden sunrise Thanks a lot for the appreciation
  • @February09 golden sunrise.nice are blessed with Master Sharat's used VK.
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