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Psychic Surgery in menopausal phase with Kapalbhati pranayam and LOA visualisation, my VK experience


Sharing VK experience on breaking endometrium wall thickening in pre-menopausal case with Psychic Surgery during Yoga session

One of my friend called me to say she was undergoing Uterine biopsy as her menstrual bleeding was not stopping for days.
Her sonography showed abnormal thickening of endometrium lining of uterus. So the gynac would sample her endometrium and get it tested. The doctor was suggesting surgical removal of uterus for her.

She was in stress with all this. So i requested Psychic Surgery with direct request to VK for her uterus.

On same night ,she said she was undergoing the test next morning. I felt i had little time.

In my early morning Yoga practise, just before starting Kapalbhati Pranayama, i touched my VK and requested "VK in every breathing stroke of Kapalbhati that i will do now, please do Psychic Surgery for her endometrium".

I started my Kapalbhati breathing, and in imagination i saw her uterus in front of me with closed eyes. I imagined VK breaking her excess endometrium lining. Just after 5/6 strokes , i got blank, After finishing my Pranayam, i again saw the picture of her uterus in front of me, before opening my eyes. I could see as if the endometrium lining is broken with some part remaining.

Even after an hour i was wondering was it my desire with LOA that i clubbed with VK Psychic Surgery during Yoga or was it actually happening ? I said to myself if that is what has actually happened, the doctor will not see much of endometrium in her surgical process to remove sample for biopsy. After this i just forgot. In afternoon i got to know her medical procedure was over but she was still half conscious because of anaesthetic effect. I sent her ALL CLEAR SERUM and PERFECT HEALTH SERUM for her recovery.

But i didn't get any information on her medical status. In evening i knew she was back home. So i asked VK how will i know what actually happened in her medical procedure.
Just then she called me. i was surprised to see her call. Actually she called me for some personal work. But she started like this "Do you know what happened today, the gynac could not get a sample of endometrium in procedure. She got a small sample with difficulty and she was surprised that just a week back there was a thick layer of endometrium in sonography test.
My friend was laughing. Then i told her that i used VK and Reiki for her endometrium. She was happy.

After this i sent GOLDEN SUNRISE to her biopsy test and results. After few days, her biopsy report stated normal.

I was sending her FEM SERUM , EFT TO WHOLE REPRODUCTION SYSTEM and BALANCE SERUM everyday. I was also doing Psychic Surgery for her whole reproduction system with direct request every day using BOOST method with multiple VK.

After some days around 3 weeks, her bleeding got normal and she felt much better.

I continued FEM SERUM BALANCE SERUM and EFT daily for her for few months and requested PSYCHIC SURGERY with direct request to VK sometimes.

Now she is much better and is able to cope up with pre menopausal phase.

Actually in Yoga session, i clubbed Psychic Surgery with LOA for first few seconds and i got lost. I don't remember anything in between , just before opening my eyes on completion of Pranayama, VK actually showed me the results. There was hardly an hour gap between my Pranayama session and her surgical process .

Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK in our lives and amazing ways of VK healing.


  • Wow that's wonderful @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher Ji. Really VK has the power and speed.
  • Woww Didi All your words are beyond faith and devotion, feeling so blessed to be a part of VK family.
    I am overwhelmed with power of VK and intention,
    what an amazing request "every breathing stroke of Kapalbhati that i will do now, please do Psychic Surgery for her endometrium".
    Thankyou So much for motivating all of us with Beautiful experience and lovely ideas out of the box.
    Gratitude to @SharatSir
  • Spell bound experience...Blessed to be part of such divine amazing world.
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