Acupressure with VK for tension headache and stamina, My VK experience


My another Mimicking experience with VK

I had an assignment to complete. But before i started it , i got headache. It was like a stress headache. And i was thinking how to manage with assignment.

Acupressure was in my mind that day. So i just thought to use it with VK. I just touched VK and requested VK please do Acupressure to relax my body and mind now.

And after 15 to 20 mins, my headache was no more.

Then after few days again i used this request, when i was tired, and it worked. i was feeling relaxed. But i was still feeling weak, so i made another request, VK please do acupressure to increase my stamina. There was a significant change in physical strength.

So even when we don't know where are the pressure points in the body to activate certain positive effect with acupressure , one can mimic through VK just with a simple request.

Do try acupressure requests with VK. One can explore acupressure for illnesses. I know one VK user who was using VK and acupressure to get relief from sinus and asthma. Please request acupressure through VK with intention safety and security.

I have personally tried VK as Acupressure tool for acidity and pain with guidance from Sharat Sir. And it works wonderfully.

Gratitude to Sharat Sir for wonderful VK in our lives !!


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