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VK Tip 121: Managing emotions by "Happiness Trap by Russ Harris" book way, VK Experience by Chetan

edited May 2019 in VK TIPS

Golden sunrise,

We do so many things in life to just to be in Happiness mode always. Like we try to avoid family, reading books, consuming alcohol... This is called as happiness trap.

I am reading book called Happiness Trap by Russ Harris.

As a human we should accept both our negative and positive emotions. Once we start accepting our-self fully, then life will be much easier and we accept our family, friends and colleagues easily without much judgment.

In the book, author writes some of the method to diffuse the negative emotions, feelings and thoughts to create the space in life to work on Values & Goals to build the meaningful life.

I used VK to diffuse the negative emotions, feelings and thoughts.

Dear VK, help me to accept and release the "........... " ... NOW & FEREVER.

In above blank space you can mention the negative emotions, feelings and thoughts like:
1. thought that I am not healthy
2. thought that I am not competent
3. fear
4. loneliness

Once the intensity reduces then work on building the capabilities like health, courage.

Best regards,


  • @Chetandurdi

    Great Chetan. Whats your personal experience with this mimicking pl share
  • With this:
    1. I have become more empathy towards others
    2. Sometimes I get into deep peaceful state.
    3. Acceptance of others
    4. Emotionally intelligent
    5. Get into awareness

  • @Chetandurdi

    Thanks for sharing. And all the posts in details.

    I appreciate your way for exploring new ways with VK and with patience.

    Thank you for always sharing and inspiring all of us with your VK ways.
  • Dear @Chetandurdi,

    Golden Sunrise, many applause to have touched such a unique subject called Happiness. In fact, all of us spend lifetime in search of this invaluable feeling. Yet, I would say most of us are confused, how and where to find this box of goody, as no Santa Clause drops it for you.

    Confusing it is, as we have seen millionaires spending sleepless nights and a poor man sleeping so sound, as if there isn't a tomorrow. Why is it ? Why with all the facilities and amenities, someone may not be feeling happy? What is it after all ?? Mr. Harris correctly terms it as a "Trap", or should I call it a Mirage. To me, Happiness is an extractive term, which cannot be assigned or bargained against any splendor, luxury or abundance. Rather, it is a state of mind which is at peace - contented in performance, free from being consciously responsible and relieved from future.

    There are many who think, plan and endeavor to earn, gather, accumulate so that one day they will be happy. They toil day & night so that one day they may have a big moment of happiness.....!! But that day never comes.....what comes is more responsibility and thirst for gather more. In search of that BIG moment, they keep on ignoring many little moments of Happiness that keeps on coming their way. My opinion is that if we treasure those "many little moments" of happiness, collectively it becomes Big and you are not deprived of being happy everyday. That is why I call Happiness as an extractive term. Extract happiness, even in your days of the moment to its fullest and make it large.

    Also, as you have correctly mentioned for release of emotions, VK helps magically in this. Please go through Chapter - 2 "Release of Negative Emotions", in our Manual wherein Sir has guided how to release basic emotions like Pride, Anger, Lust, Fear, Grief & Apathy. It sets you free from Negative emotions and you, not only, are liberated from the distress caused by these emotions but can heal many of your lingering diseases that are caused due to all these.

  • Thank you Sir. It is our willingness to release the emotions that gives us peaceful state of mind. This is what VK had shown me
  • I really really need it....not fln gd
  • Thankyou for Sharing beautiful sharing @Chetandurdi ji

    Wonderful explanation @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Sir. I am sharing guidance from VK pdf chapter- 2 "Release Negative Emotions"

    VK and its Divine energy brings instant changes in Negative Emotions Paradigm.
    VK changes negative emotions in a matter of minutes with a Simple Request and thus also eliminate the cause of illness, disease in the body.
    This Healing technique is used for balancing bio energestic systems, relaxation and stress reduction.

    You can find your Mental State and its negative emotion for example you have sadness feeling poor with some guilt, that means you have to release parent negative emotion Grief.

    Hold your VK and say "Release Grief " × three times and put VK aside for next 30 minutes.
    You can also charge water with same healing technique.
    Gratitudes @SharatSir for making healing so easy and simple with VK
  • Awesome information @Chetandurdi thanks for sharing! :hug:

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