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VK helped to resolve my 10 year old PF transfer issue

Golden Sunrise Everyone

Today i am sharing one of my biggest Success and achievement with VK.

I had issue about my PF transfer from previous organization to new organization and even after constant followup with PF office and my old organization this was not getting resolved. It was almost 10 years this issue was on. In Nov 2018 before I had VK, I filed an RTI but didn't get any response from PF office on it.
Then towards end of Dec 2018 when I had received my VK, I requested VK to resolve this PF issue. I was not consistent in requesting to VK, may be I requested only twice.
I was regularly taking Serums in water- Golden Sunrise+ Total Wealth Serum+Divine is my constant money provider.
Then in Jan 2019, I thought of sending first appeal since I did not receive any response to my RTI application. I noticed there was some typo error in one field of my RTI application, so instead of first appeal, I refiled my RTI application.
Within a weeks time, I got call from PF office and asked for some document and the officer told me he will sort this issue.
15 days later after sending the document, I got call from same officer that my PF transfer issue is sorted out.

Finally with the help of VK my 10 year old PF transfer issue got resolved and was so happy that not only my initial amount got transferred but received the interest as well.

Lots of Gratitude to Sharat Sir for this Divine VK and the cosmic serums which works like magic.


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