Financial mistakes

Hello Teacher's


I would like to discuss and I need your help on few of things.

We were looking for a house on rent and almost found it and I paid some amount to the broker as a token money. After few days the broker canceled the deal saying that the current tenant is not moving out and has extended the stay for few months. Now I am chasing the broker for the token money which he has given but not in full. I keep calling and messaging, visiting his office but he is just buying out time and not making the remaining payment. Ideally he should have paid the money in full but he hasn't. This is becoming quite frustrating for me. Till now I have maintained my calm and controlled myself on this issue but now I am loosing my patience. I request you to please advise me on how to use VK on such issue.

The next issue is recently I have partnered and have invested in an online restaurant or cloud kitchen but again here also things are not shaping well and the business is in huge losses and if I continue to invest further the situation will not improve and I will only loose further. I have finally decided to move out of it completely. I have asked the business owner to return the money so far given. I fear that I may not get the money invested. Is there a way I could use VK and get my money back in full. Please advise.

This is the 4th time it has happened that I have got into a business partnership and it has resulted in to a loss and have suffered financially because of this. I don't know why it's happening and I seriously want to change this belief or break the jinx. May be there is some problem with my way of doing things or I am not finding the right partners.

I don't know why but when I invest or partner up or I give money from my account it ends up being a problem.

A friend of mine wants to work with me on a restaurant idea, but again a partnership! I fear now business partnership, how do I overcome this? Should I go solo?

I request all the teachers to help me out.


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