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Husband wife relationship and mental health, My wonderful VK experience

edited February 2019 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Although since I have got VK from last 21 months everyday is full of miracles and I can write a book on my experiences but this experience has changed completely the way I used to think.
I have a family friend who is very nice lady and her husband is a wonderful man as well .they got 2 very intelligent son's as well but for some stupid reasons there started arguements in the family last year. As both of them are well educated so nobody is ready to take step back and the egoshave gone to that extent that it affected my friends mental health really badly and she had gone into severe depression and she can only see everything as negative around her.
The situation became worst when she filed a divorce case against her husband and it was only at that point I came to know about all this.She kicked husband out of house with the help of social services and believe me in 2 days spent 18000 pounds from her husband's credit cards on the things which she won't even use.As her husband is mu husband's best friend we got to know everything and I felt so sorry for kids actually. But I took guidance from @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher di that what energies should I start giving to handle this and help them out. As per suggestions I started sending her GOLDEN SUNRISE,ALL CLEAR SERUM,SHIELD OF 7 RAYS,Energy Of Hanuman chalisa BACH FLOWER REMEDY HOLLY every 10 minutes.
The results were quick as that day atleast she stopped spending money and was in home not causing drama in stores or streets
Also Started sending GOLDEN SUNRISE,SHIELD OF 7 RAYS and ONE SOUL SERUM TO whole family and after 3 days she let her husband come back in.
I continued healing and Started charging The EC for husband wife relationship on Litairian website with GOLDEN SUNRISE,and ONESOUL SERUM as well atleast twice a day
Randomly given her BACH FLOWER REMEDY Rescue as well for sometime to heal past hurts .
For 2 weeks I almost forgot everything else but just kept sending healing to them and requesting VK to sort it out and easily find the treatment for her as well.
Things took turn so quickly that she was referred to mental health crisis team and her treatment speed up and in the meantime the court suspended the divorce application as she lacked mental capacity at the time of application.
She came out of hospital in 10 days and her health much improved and the hatred feeling for her husband was diminished as well.
In the meantime her husband has got a VK as well So the healing was continued from his side as well as I continued ALL the above mentioned healing till today since the last week of October and today after 4 months of starting the healing I got to know that everything is now back to normal in their family.
This is really a very great and fantabulous experience I have achieved with VK and I can't find words to say Thanks to VK, @SharatSir and to Rakhi didi for your valuable guidance all over the time through different means whether it be by daily VK tips or on this learning forum.
Thanks once again


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