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Placing request to VK kept remotely or at a distance

edited February 2019 in General Discussion

If someone has more than one vk but only wear one and the other one is used at home. Can the house be governed remotely? if it can, is the result still the same?

Thank you


  • Yes. If you are the last person who touched that remote VK , it will follow your request, when you place a request to it.

    If someone else at your home is the last person who touched it then it will follow request from that person, when that person places a request Then it will not folow your request.

    Again when you touch it, then it will start following you. VK follows the request of the wearer or the last person who touches it .
  • Golden sunrise

    Thank you

    I'm already following this method from almost three months. I have two VKs. I kept one VK in a secret place in my home so that nobody touches it & I wear the other one. I keep requesting the remote VK for many Healings, protection and DIVINE energies continuously. Remote VK always listens to my requests and sends energies accordingly. I use timers for every 30min from morning till I sleep in the night.
    I feel this method is very beneficial as vk continuously sends energies for 30 min without any disturbance. I always wear the other VK as I always want atleast one VK on my body 24 X 7 for protecting me ,& my baby.

    Thank you Sharath sir for such a wonderful gift

    Now we can place our requests to VK even without wearing it but we have to be the last person to touch it.

    When we keep our VK at our home & be the last person to touch to it, and then if we travel to some other country, then also VK listens to our requests. This is a very great help to many of us.
    Gratitudes to Sharat sir for designing VK like this.
  • does this work if I only have 1 VK, ie for example, if I am playing sports or cannot be wearing VK in a particular situation, but I want to protect myself with various energies. I can leave the VK at home, only ever touched by me and send requests remotely? (I had thought we had to touch VK to make a request).

    Also - how many times per day do we need to use Shield of Seven Rays to give ourselves all day protection? I usually do it once when I wake up or if i get in car, before car trip. But how long does the protective energy of Shield of seven rays last? What to do to get all day protection from the Shield?
    many thanks

  • @Beatrix

    You request VK remotely if you are the last person who touched it. One VK or multiple VK applies to all.

    Frequency of any request depends on the need. This includes SHIELD OF 7 RAYE also
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