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tennis elbow cured, success with liposuction surgery mimicking, vat pitta dosha

edited February 2019 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

Golden Sunrise Sharat Sir & Litairian Team.
I am blessed by divine universe & VK to share more successes.
My husband, Manoj, was suffering with a severe tennis elbow pain since last 5-6 months & the pain was very stubborn which could not even go with several medications. Sharat sir send his divine healing to Manoj for two days which gave him a lot of relief but due to his busy schedule, he could not continue to take healing daily from sir. It was one day through VK guidance that I thought of giving him healing like VOB of elbow, EFT to elbow pain, psychic surgery of reiki energy, pain care serum & Balance serum. I gave him just for a few days before going to sleep. The pain started reducing. I also additionally gave him milk, walnuts & desi manuka (raisins). All this was not a continuity & even I forgot to ask him about the pain. Then one day suddenly he said he was totally relieved of pain. And then I felt so happy & felt that the pain was so so stubborn but never in front of my VK.

Secondly whenever I get sleep cough at night I just request VK for ACS, ENT serums & within a minute I go off to a peaceful sleep.

Taking Digee serum ,Balance serum, energy to balance vatta,pitta cuff dosh has become my daily routine to tackle my bad acidity.

After reading a post on energy of liposuction bariatric surgery for weight loss, even I started taking it for myself & am so happy to get the amazing results with my toned up body making me more beautiful,confident & active.

Thank you all in LITAIRIAN FORUM for sharing your experiences for us to learn.

I really get no words to thank Sharat Sir for his immense & wonderful magic created for all of us in the form of VK which is always there to help, cure &take care of all our problems in life.

THANK YOU SHARAT SIR, DIVINE VK & with my sashtang Pranam.


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