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Does BALANCE SERUM serum considers all the aspects at a time?

In the article written by Sharat sir regarding BALANCE SERUM, it is given that 23 different issues (regarding mind, body and soul ) are solved when this serum is taken regularly. My question is whether all the 23 issues are considered at a time (or) the most important and the required issue for us is considered first and later remaining one by one?
Thanks in Advance


  • GOLDEN SUNRISE @Gayathri ji ,
    Yes mam Balance serum covers many different aspects of our life regarding , health , wealth and other spiritual aspects.
    As per your asking if you are intaking Balance Serum with some specific intention than it will work on your need or particular request first.

    When you taking balance serum generally then it balance many aspects as guided by sir in the balance serum article
    VK has its own wisdom so it will always work for which is better or priority for you.

  • Balance Serum works equally on the every aspect of one's life. Therefore I named it Balance Serum. No need to specify any area whenever you take Balance Serum. My personal view is to let it free to work with its own wisdom because most of the time we dont know the actual cause of our problem.
  • Thank you, Sharat sir for your valuable input and wonderful creation in Serum category.

  • Thank u sharath sir for ur wonderful and most important serum in our life..
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