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VK TIP 118 : VK Make me my best today, a winning VK way by Sujata ji


This VK tip is shared by VK user @Sujata ji

One day Sujata ji called to share her lovely VK experiences. In her conversation she mentioned about this way of using VK.

When she goes out, before leaving the house, she speaks to her VK.
She believes that instead of trying to become a winner, she should perform the best of her life each day.

So rather than comparing herself with others or competing with others, she believes that she should perform the best today as compared to rest of her past.

She requests to her VK, that today VK should make her look the best as never before.

If she is participating in an event, she would request VK to make her best performer among all other performances that she did before.

In this way, she focuses her energy to improve daily with VK, And she has seen amazing results with such requests to VK.

This is an amazing way to use VK, on one hand we free ourselves from the fear and anxiety from comparing or competing with others. On the other hand, we work to improve ourselves. When practised daily, it boosts our own confidence. And WE BECOME WINNER IN OUR OWN EYES EVERYDAY.

I just loved this way of using VK.Thanks a million Sujata ji for sharing your wonderful ways of using VK and sharing them with your experiences.

Gratitude to Sharat Sir for gifting us VK with infinite possibilities !!

Do share your VK experiences with this tip, being your best, as a new SUCCESS STORY and inspire many.


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