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300th Success Story on Forum:New Job, success, money with TOTAL WEALTH SERUM and specific intentions


We know that TOTAL WEALTH SERUM is a Cosmic Serum for money wealth prosperity. In this healing, i placed various intentions while healing with VK and TWS.

One of my friend , few months back had some tensions in her office with her Superiors. She came to a decision to quit the job for keeping her self respect. She is a single mom with 3 kids. When she told me that she was planning to resign and verbally she conveyed them a week back. I was not feeling good about her situation. With VK, started sending her GOLDEN SUNRISE, TOTAL WEALTH SERUM, ALPHA WOMAN SERUM, BALANCE SERUM.

I used multiple VK to BOOST the healing energy to her.

She was still in her notice period post resignation, and she came to know that the company was about to ask her for a forced resignation as they had decided to cut down on employees and she was also in the list.

It seemed that was no turn back from her side now. She started applying for jobs through known references, but there were no calls. I was keeping the intention that money should flow to her at this time, when she needs to support her family. After a month, she was told that she will be well compensated with money to take care of her family till she gets another job.

She had some talks with the overseas Superiors, but no one could help her. One month of her notice period was about to end, and i placed an intention that she should get retained in the same company again. I added SHIELD OF 7 RAYS to her job, salary and career. Her overseas team contacted her and asked her to consider remaining back in the organisation.

Inspite of not getting a job, she was firm to quit. She again had a meeting with her Superiors and she clarified her position. She updated her Resume, i changed intention to VK, that she should get the best deserving job in the new assignment. She started getting few calls. By this time, she had completed 2 months of notice and got a warm farewell from her company. Full and final financial settlement was done immediately. I was requesting VK that she should get a new job without salary loss.

I sent BEAUTY SERUM to her negotiation skills. In all the interviews , she cleared but at last stage it went on hold every time. She went for paid Resume consultancy to upgrade her Resume. She also enrolled for paid recruitment portal membership. She was contacting people, friends to have information on vacancies. She was doing everything what was needed to get a new job. But at last stage interviews, it failed. I told her to find out what happens at the last stage. I added ALL CLEAR SERUM to her healing.

She came to know that her ex-bosses were giving negative feedback to her possible new recruiters. Now the question was, how did all this happen. I requested VK to help her to know the truth. After few days, she said in her Resume, she had mentioned References of earlier organisation.She felt trapped in this.

I asked VK , how to cope up with this. Immediately i got an idea. just told her a trick, that instead of giving references of the last organisation, she could give of earlier ones, where people were in good terms with her.

And I requested VK GOLDEN SUNRISE to shield her career position and her application forms. This time one of the earlier Ex-boss gave her good recommendation. She cleared the final interview with reasonable salary hike and higher position. She was negotiating for a higher salary rise, but was happy with what she got. She said being on job is most important now.

She was told to join immediately. So in a months time after her notice period, she was already on a new assignment. She was happy. Her old company also approached her that she could join back, officially there should be a gap of few months.

After a few days, when she met me she was little upset. The systems in the new company were not of upgraded level which was handling earlier. I told her probably this is where she can add her valuable experience and gain more fame. She could connect why she was add more value.

VK helped her at every stage. She was brave enough in this tough time. She did all the actions required for new job. There were setbacks, but VK was always there supporting her. Finally VK led her to new career level, keeping her self respect.

This entire experience shows how VK is a strong INTENTIONAL healing tool, but it also gets the best for the energy receiver.
If we keep doing our actions/Karmas, we are bound to get what we truly deserve. Setbacks may be temporary to teach us something.
If we have setbacks, it doesn't mean energies are not working. In fact, they are helping in the most testing times of life to support us...maybe its beyond our understanding at that time.

In a nutshell, VK was indeed leading her to a best deserving job, this being the main intention of the healing. The energies worked to protect her in all ways....her financial, emotional as well as professional front.

Gratitude to VK, wonderfully helping people. Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK manifesting our desires to our best.

Do read the hyperlinks for more insights


  • This is a Wow experience di
    Thanks for always inspiring us with your fantabulous experiences
  • :blush: :innocent: CONGRATULATIONS for 300th VK Success to Master @SharatSir Team VK, Team VS and all dear VK family.
    May the Divine VK and Cosmic energies keep enlighting every Soul in the world.

    Wow Didi i am amazed reading this whole experience, it is running like a life movie in front of eyes.
    O darling VK you are what a great survivor,
    VK also help her to face the situation with Courage and boldness.
    Thankyou for Sharing didi So much motivation and learning in this Success story.
    Gratitudes @SharatSir
  • Thank u di for this inspiring post :)
  • Golden Sunrise,Golden Rakhee are a real Gem in our VK user Team.
    Gratitude to $harat Sir and Divine tool VK,for formation of group of like minded people together.
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